Advertising Age names Tesla one of “America’s hottest brands”

Magazine credits car manufacturer’s creative marketing and Internet campaigns to drive sales of world’s leading electric sports car., April 20, 2010

NEW YORKAdvertising Age selected electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors as one of “America’s hottest brands” in a special report highlighting the year's 50 brightest brands and the visionaries behind them.

Rather than depending on conventional advertising, Tesla has relied on the quality of its product and word-of-mouth recommendations from early customers to promote the company.

"Our owners become our ambassadors," Tesla CEO Elon Musk told the influential trade publication.

The Tesla Roadster is faster than a Porsche 911 and twice as energy efficient as a Prius. It has received excellent reviews from the nation’s toughest car critics.

The Advertising Age case study was published this week and is available online:

About Tesla Motors

San Carlos, Calif.-based Tesla is the world’s only automaker producing and selling highway-capable electric vehicles. Tesla has delivered about 900 cars to customers in North America and Europe. Tesla sells cars online and operates showrooms and galleries in California’s Silicon Valley and Los Angeles, Colorado, New York, Seattle, London and Munich.

The Tesla Roadster is faster than an Audi R8 yet is six times more efficient than conventional sports cars. With an EPA-estimated range of 244 miles per charge, it costs less than $5 to refuel. The Roadster does not need regular oil changes or exhaust system work. Roadsters have no spark plugs, pistons, hoses, belts or clutches to replace. Zero tailpipe emission means no smog checks. Tesla recommends a standard service and diagnostic inspection once a year or every 12,000 miles – and Tesla can perform service with convenient “house calls” at customers’ homes or offices.