Behind the Scenes of the Cross Country Rally: Episode Two

The Tesla Team, April 18, 2014

Two electrics cars, 3,400 miles, and 76 hours – all in the middle of winter. Tesla’s Cross Country Rally left Los Angeles at midnight on January 30 and headed towards New York in an attempt to set a Guinness World Record for an electric vehicle traveling across the United States.

Last week, we showed you the first leg of the journey, which finished as the two Model S’s approached Colorado’s Vail Pass at the onset of a snowstorm. The cars had already blitzed through the desert plains of Arizona and Utah, which included a sandstorm in Navajo country.

In Episode Two, our film crew catches up with the cars as they head deeper into a blizzard that seems to be getting worse by the hour. As the Cross Country Rally team finds out, however, it’s not the electric cars that are the concern – it’s the gasoline support vehicles…