Inside Tesla - 06.12.12

George Blankenship, Vice President, Worldwide Sales and Ownership Experience, June 12, 2012

Can you feel the excitement? Last week’s news about test drives has everyone buzzing. Thank you to everyone who commented on the blog. Seeing your enthusiasm helps us know that we’re headed in the right direction. So let’s jump right in to this week’s Inside Tesla!

This week we head to the Paint Center, where your Model S takes its first step to becoming uniquely yours. Watch as a Body-in-White comes to life with the paint color of your choice.


Our Paint Center uses some of the highest quality processes available to the automotive industry today. The paint finish of Model S will raise the bar in the premium automotive category. First, a Body-in-White is submerged into our pre-treatment bath where the aluminum gets prepared for its first treatment layer. We then dip Model S into a 75,000 gallon tank of advanced electro-coating solution to enhance the appearance of subsequent paint layers. After this e-coat dip, the car goes through a 350° F oven to ensure a “baked on” protection against corrosion. Highly-skilled craftsmen then apply sealer to ensure it is watertight and quiet. Next, the car gets its primer coat, followed by a base coat from one of our 10 vibrant color choices. Lastly we apply a clear coat application to make the car shine! These “coats” are all applied by the latest robotic paint applicators that not only spray, but also open the doors, hood and liftgate to cover every surface of the car. The robots move fast, so watch carefully in the video to see all these maneuvers.

Next week we wrap up our Model S video series with a look at how Model S comes together on the Final Assembly Line.

We’ve included more photos of the Paint Center in our Tesla Gallery.


All this talk about paint has me eager to share some very exciting news. Last week we launched the Get Amped Model S Tour and the opportunity to test drive Model S. Today I am very happy to announce that at our first two tour stops we will be showcasing ALL 10 COLORS of Model S. On top of that, we will have every available interior option and décor that you’ve been seeing in our Design Studio for the last few months. We can’t wait for you to see all these great combinations in real life.

We are looking forward to sending out our first set of emails this week to Model S Reservation Holders inviting you to sign up for the Fremont, California stop on our Get Amped Model S test drive tour. Invitations will go out in reservation sequence order. We will continue to add more invitations every few hours until all test drive slots for this tour stop are filled.

As you might expect, we have received lots of questions about the Get Amped Model S Tour. Here are answers to a few of those questions:

Q: Will there be someone with me to answer questions during my test drive?
A: Yes. A Tesla Product Specialist will be along with you during your test drive to make sure all your questions are answered and you get the most out of your time behind the wheel.

Q: Can I bring a guest?
A: Yes. You will have the option to include up to three guests to ride along with you in the back seat during your test drive.

Q: If one of my guests makes a reservation at the event, can they get a test drive?
A: Maybe. There are occasional “no-shows” at events like this. That potentially makes a test drive slot available. Your guest who makes a new reservation at the event may be able to test drive if there are any open slots available as the result of a Reservation Holder no-show.

Q: Will I receive any pre-test drive instruction?
A: Yes. We ask that you arrive about 20 minutes prior to your test drive appointment. During this time we will give you a few test drive hints and suggestions to make sure you get the most out of your time with Model S.

Q: If I don’t get a test drive reservation at the first event in Fremont, or I decide to wait until the Get Amped Tour comes to my area, will I automatically be invited to future events?
A: Yes. We will begin sending out Fremont invites in sequence order to Reservations Holders this week. Several hours after the first invites go out we will send out additional invites, again in sequence order. This will continue until all 700 Fremont test drive slots are filled. Next week we will begin sending out invites for the Los Angeles Get Amped Tour stop. We will send out invites in sequence order again, starting with the lowest number Reservation Holders who have not yet taken a test drive. We will continue to send out more invites until all Los Angeles test drive slots are filled. We will do this same process for each stop on the tour. As a Reservation Holder, you will automatically get an invitation (based upon sequence number) to each test drive tour stop until you reserve a test drive.

Keep an eye on your inbox. We expect reservations to fill up quickly.


We hope you are as excited as we are about deliveries starting next week. In order to help customers get ready, we are launching our new Charging page that will help prepare for the arrival of your Model S. One of the great things about owning a Tesla is that wherever there's an outlet, you can charge. Our new page uses an interactive experience to walk you through the adapters and connectors you’ll use for charging at home and on the go. My favorite tool on this page is the Charge Time & Cost Calculator. It answers two of the most frequently asked questions in our stores. Later this summer we’ll be rolling out a number of other great tools as part of the GO Electric Experience at In the meantime, get started with charging basics right here.


At Tesla, we know how important it is to stay connected. That’s why today I am announcing that all U.S. Signature Series owners will receive one year of free wireless connectivity in their Model S. That’s right, Tesla is picking up the tab so you can:

  • Listen to internet radio from around the world
  • Create a personalized channel that plays your favorite music
  • Experience your entertainment in color with high-quality album cover art
  • Use maps to see where you are and what’s in the neighborhood
  • Browse the web for the latest news or search for reviews of a local restaurant

These features will come to life on the 17” touchscreen display and will provide you with an unparalleled ownership experience.

I hope you enjoy the paint video and new charging page. Keep an eye on your inbox (especially if you are an early Reservation Holder) for an invitation to see all 10 colors of Model S at the first stop on our Get Amped Model S Tour. Next week we go to Final Assembly with Model S and get ready to webcast our delivery celebration on June 22nd.

Next week is going to be huge!