Model S and Model X Live at Santana Row

Tesla Motors, March 22, 2012

Last weekend Tesla brought Model X to Santana Row for the first time, giving hundreds of visitors an opportunity to see Tesla's newest car in person. Throughout the weekend, Tesla Santana Row was packed with onlookers eager to see the functional and stylish Falcon Wing doors in action.

For the first time, Tesla showed off the four Model S Signature paint colors together: Signature Red, Black, Silver and Pearl White. Not only a historic moment at Santana Row, the Signature paint lines at the Tesla Factory are up and running. The robots are hard at work painting more Betas, perfecting the process before production.

The festive weekend made new fans of Tesla and brought reservation holders from across the state to see their future cars up close.

We're thrilled to have more of these events as production nears.