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Tesla’s Destination Charging network is continually expanding, offering Tesla drivers unparalleled convenience and comfort. Site hosts get to own and operate their charging stations for the benefit of their customers, or the general public.

hospitality and retail

Attract Customers

Tesla vehicles are equipped with in-car navigation that Tesla customers can use to plan trips, bringing new and repeat customers to your location.

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  • Requirements

    Ideal hosting sites can support six or more individual parking stalls and provide a hospitable charging experience with amenities such as restaurants, groceries, shops, restrooms and Wi-Fi. Ongoing site selection is based on market expansion needs, as well as popular routes and destinations.

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  • Hosting Expectations

    Tesla charging is an opportunity to connect with a passionate demographic of drivers. At a minimum, Tesla expects hosts to have regular business hours, full-time employees, positive internet reviews and a willingness to provide free charging to customers.

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Destination Charging Installation

Qualified businesses must work with a licensed electrician to get an estimate for an installation of two or more Tesla Wall Connectors. A Tesla Project Manager will ensure a cost effective and technically sound installation.

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