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Roadster Efficiency and Range

With more than 100 Roadsters delivered to customers so far and more on the road each week, it’s natural for some customers to run “experiments” on them. Because we have such an entrepreneurial and highly technical customer base, many of these experiments are quite detailed and attempt to answer questions that we have in some cases never discussed publicly.

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Weighty Matters Involving Electrons

Have you ever wondered how much the electrons that power our car weigh?

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An Engineering Update on Powertrain 1.5

It has been several months since we have shared any progress updates on our powertrain development work and in particular how the “powertrain 1.5” program is progressing for the Roadster.

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Mythbusters Part 3: Recycling our Non-Toxic Battery Packs

As I make presentations at various conferences regarding our battery pack, or Energy Storage System (ESS), I’m often asked the question ”Isn’t the battery pack toxic” and whether or not it can be disposed of safely. To reach a wider audience, I thought it best to address these questions in our blog.



The Spin Stops Here

Two weeks ago, I highlighted how Tesla moved from waves to bits in our motor and charge controller in the PEM. You might have left with the impression that as of June 2007, when the DMC replaced the analog controller, our work as DMC firmware engineers was complete. Fortunately for us (this is fun, remember!), that was far from true.


Lotus Engineering Newsletter Q&A with Tesla's Car Guy

In the beginning of January, Tesla Motors Vice President of Vehicle Integration, Mac Powell, sat down with Dave Leggett of just-auto for a Q&A session which recently appeared in the 24th issue of the Lotus Engineering Newsletter, proActive. We wanted to share with you this excerpt from the Newsletter as well as include some comments on recent updates and additional information.

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Smarter Charging

Ten years ago when I was driving an EV1, one of the best perks was free parking and charging at LAX. I would pull into one of the EV parking places by Terminal One, plug in, and go on my trip. The charger would turn on right away – typically this would be in the middle of the day – and the battery pack would be fully charged even before my plane had left the ground. When I would return a few days later, typically at night, the battery pack would have partially self-discharged and was cold soaked, having sat for days with the charger connected but off.



50 State Legal

It has been quite a while since I have put finger tip to key board and joined the Tesla blogosphere. This might have something to do with my being a little bit busy as we have been maturing the Roadster from an amazing prototype to a full-blown production car.

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Where the Rubber Meets the Road

When I last posted to this blog in May, the news was a mixed bag. Martin (Founder Martin Eberhard) had just officially revised our range expectations down from 250 miles to greater than 200 miles, but we remained committed to holding the line on 4 second 0-60 mph acceleration and delivering the Tesla Roadster with the performance, handling, looks, and safety of a world-class electric sports car. Now it is September and in the last three weeks we have completed performance and range validation testing of Validation Prototype 1 (VP1 aka “the green car”) in order to verify our Tesla Roadster performance claims. I’m extremely pleased to say that the results are in and our hard work has really paid off!



The Most Coddled Automotive Battery Ever?

We get some great questions and comments from the readers of our blogs, and this post takes its title from Brent, who on May 30 wrote:

The Roadster’s battery is arguably the most coddled automotive battery in history. It has its own climate control system, several monitoring computers, and perhaps some other mojo 'they' are not telling us.

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