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The Magic of Tesla Roadster Regenerative Braking

In a battery-powered electric vehicle, regenerative braking (also called regen) is the conversion of the vehicle’s kinetic energy into chemical energy stored in the battery, where it can be used later to drive the vehicle. It is braking because it also serves to slow the vehicle. It is regenerative because the energy is recaptured in the battery where it can be used again.

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Slip-Sliding Away

To ensure that the Tesla Roadster is as safe as possible in extreme conditions, we have just finished putting one of our Engineering Prototypes through an extensive test schedule at the Continental Proving Ground in Arvidsjaur, Sweden. The proving ground is in a beautiful location on and around a frozen lake about 60 miles from the Arctic Circle.



Blowing Hot and Cold

Editor's note: Our last blog, Good Vibrations, chronicled some of the safety and durability tests we've been running on the Tesla Roadster. It prompted a number of questions, particularly related to climate control. So we convinced Brian, who is fully booked during regular business hours overseeing the tests, to postpone his holiday shopping a little longer and spend some time after work explaining in more detail how we ensure satisfying climate control in the Tesla Roadster. Here are his thoughts…

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Never a Dull Moment

At its heart, Tesla Motors is an engineering company. We get invited to a variety of events because of our technical expertise as well as a general interest in what we are doing and how we are doing it. I often get asked what it is like to work at Tesla Motors and to describe some typical problems we solve. Here is my take on those questions, based on my own experience and a swift survey of some of the other engineers.

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Safety first - ouch!

This blog continues to attract some fascinating questions and perceptions regarding the philosophies of energy consumption, alternative fuels, well-to-wheel efficiency and other significant issues that affect us all. Then there’s the technology of the car itself with its lithium ion battery pack, onboard charging system, power electronics to handle the immense energy available and that little motor that blasts you towards the horizon at warp speed……Linking all these systems and their safety monitors involves more computing power than the combined total on board all the cars I’ve ever owned. You could probably add your total in too!

So, apart from the new high tech stuff, what else do we do at Tesla Motors to ensure that our customers can enjoy this unique offering?

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