1+ year, 29K+ miles, and endless grins!

Plan a test drive Experience Autopilot for yourself

We’ve been obsessed with Tesla cars and Elon Musk’s no-so-secret Master Plan since the Roadster came out years ago. Using the profits from our early investments, at the ages of 26/27 we were able to finally obtain our dream car in 2014 – the Tesla Model S.


Model S cuts through
the snow, ice and rain with ease

Our green Model S 60, named ‘Stela’ (anagram for Tesla) has become a valued member of the family.  We were so excited to get Stela in Oct 2014, we took her from California to Virginia in mid-December that year to visit the family for Christmas. Tesla Service in Van Nuys was kind enough to quickly swap our all-season tires for winter tires; and get us some snow chains just in case. We actually never had to use the snow chains, despite multiple snowstorms in Colorado, Wyoming, and South Dakota. With Tesla’s rear wheel drive, we cut through the snow, ice and rain across the country with ease.

Crossing the country in 4 days 

Traveling along the Supercharger network to get across the country in 4 days was surprisingly simple and relaxing (and free!) – even in the snow.  We would drive for 2-3 hours, stop at a Supercharger, use the bathroom, get some food, and proceed on to the next one. With an average distance between the Superchargers of 100-150 miles, we had no range anxiety even in the snowy mountains of Colorado. The trunk and frunk held all of our luggage, all the Christmas presents, and enough fine California wine for a small army – and we still had the large backseat to lay down for quick naps, or to take friends and family along the way on a quick ride to show off Tesla awesome-ness.


Model S is only getting better

Since that trip, Stela has ‘grown up’ and learned even more awesome things through over-the-air software updates. Updates including range assurance and Trip planner, traffic aware cruise control, Autopilot, map/user interface updates, and the brand new ‘Summon’ feature have made our beautiful car even better than when we bought it brand new. The technology updates, which take place overnight, make coming out to your car in the morning like Christmas for adults! The expansion of the Supercharger network over the last year has also been amazing, and we are already looking to plan another cross-country trip – perhaps down to New Orleans this time for some bayou good times.

Stellar customer service

Our experience with Tesla employees and service has been nothing less than stellar. We’ve made friends and communicate often with our original Owner-Advisor Scott Johnston. Through various store openings and other Tesla-sponsored events, we’ve had a lot of fun and met many other owners and employees that truly believe in Elon’s vision and Tesla’s future. The Tesla Motors Forum that is online, has connected us with other like-minded fans, investors, and owners across the world.

All in all, a little over 1 year later (and 29K+ miles) – we are in love with our car and Tesla in general. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for our car, and future Teslas to come. Thank you to everyone at Tesla! 

Stela, Liana, and Grant McCreary