An All-Tesla Family

Michael and Lillian Rodriguez, February 10, 2017

Like many married couples, my wife and I have differences that complement each other. She is passionate about the environment and protecting our planet. As a Patent Attorney, I love a technological solution to address man-made problems. As many of you can guess, Tesla provided an ideal solution that marries both of our passions.

While relaxing one evening several years ago, my wife expressed her long-held desire to move away from her efficient, but gasoline dependent car to an electric vehicle. While I support my wife’s environmentalism, I expressed a lack of enthusiasm at what the automakers had offered in the way of electric vehicles. In my mind, they did not compare to other luxury, gas-powered cars. Rather than end our conversation there, I decided to start doing some research on a car I had recently read about, Tesla Model S, which was then only in prototypes. And there we were, less than 10 minutes after my wife started the conversation, I sat there holding up a webpage showing Model S and simply said, “if I get an electric car, it will be this!” My wife replied, “Let’s get it!”

A few months after first hearing about the car, Tesla announced that $5,000 would get your name on the list to buy one. The timing coincided with my deployment to Afghanistan as an Officer in the United States Navy Seabees. Our electric car dreams would have to wait until my return, but not long after. Just days after landing back on U.S. soil in late 2011, my wife and I were on the phone with Tesla putting a very hard earned $5,000 on a car that we had never even seen in person, much less test driven. Now, the wait began.

Then, it happened. The car arrived in Dallas. Tesla informed us that we could pick it up at the Service Center on Friday or have it home delivered the following Monday. What? Are you kidding? It was Friday of course! We met Jack from Tesla at the Service Center. Jack happily showed us the features of the car, but more importantly, he quickly handed me the keys and said, “Why don’t we take it for a quick drive?!”

As everyone on here will attest, the driving experience was far more than expected and shifted our perspective. We were not just car owners; we were not merely enthusiasts; we became ambassadors. Everywhere we went, we were questioned by curious on-lookers; sometimes even questioned while we were driving We happily shared our experience with others, often times opening our doors to let complete strangers sit in the car.

After we got it, Model S was quickly and rightfully assigned to be my wife’s car. I continued to drive my BMW but stole every opportunity to take Model S. I used it on every road trip throughout Texas, taking advantage of several Superchargers instead of relying on gas stations for my BMW.

We loved Model S but realized that our family dynamic required an SUV. For my wife, the demands of shopping while taking three kids, car seats, strollers, and bags proved to make the spacious Model S very tight. Again, Tesla to the rescue! After hearing about the newly announced Model X, we were back on the phone with Tesla, giving another $5,000 for another car that we had not even seen, much less driven! My wife yielded Model S to me to eagerly start her wait for Model X.

Ready to make the car hers, my wife configured Model X, selecting a red multi-coat color. In May 2016, her red Model X arrived. The kids quickly claimed their respective seats, as did my wife in claiming the driver’s seat. We drove out of the Service Center realizing that we no longer owned an internal combustion engine vehicle. We were an all-electric, all Tesla vehicle family – or so we thought.

My family loves to share our Tesla experiences with others. I love talking about the technology and performance. My wife has gone from someone whose sole ambition was to drive a vehicle that lowered our carbon footprint to being an ambassador regarding the advantages and features of our Model X. My daughters know how to use the touch-screen controls as well as any adult. But, my 4-year-old son has become even more enthusiastic than any of us! He is constantly identifying every Model S on the road and declaring “daddy’s car” while calling out “mommy’s car” for each Model X seen. For his birthday, he received two Model S Hot Wheels that he takes everywhere. Apparently, he must have shared his enthusiasm with Santa, because on Christmas morning, he awoke to find that Santa had brought him a blue Radio Flyer Model S for Kids.

We are now an all-Tesla, all-American (#RedWhiteandBlue) family. We are proud to drive cars #MadeinAmerica. Our enthusiasm has again increased by the fact that we are having solar panels installed on our home. Soon, all of our cars will not only be made in America, but fueled by the sun.

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