Epic Disney Road Trip

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“We’re going to Disneyland!” Was all that my husband Michael needed to say to get our four children excited about a road trip.

Our Model S 85D arrived on March 31, 2015 and our initial thoughts were “where should we go?” After many local trips, and over 25,000km, we finally came upon ten free days where we could travel somewhere further than just a short day trip.

Our epic Disneyland trip was born!

We had 9.5 days to travel a total of 6,200km, see Mickey, explore the Disneyland Park, and return home. We planned our trip accordingly so we could utilize the Tesla Supercharger network the entire time from Calgary to Anaheim. The route would take us through Alberta, BC, Washington, Oregon and California.  We could do it!  The trip was on.

Six suitcases and four kids packed!

Day 1: Loading the car and off we go

On Friday afternoon we put the Thule box on the top of the whisper bar roof racks and loaded six suitcases and four kids into our Model S. Driving through the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Alberta and British Columbia we encountered a lot of rain and snow. With all-wheel drive and winter snow tires, Model S kept us on the road better than any other vehicle we have ever owned. Going from one Supercharger to the next was effortless. They are spaced so that they are easily reached between charges, and we could always grab a bite and relax while we charged. We found that stopping every three or four hours to charge was great as it gave us time to rest, stretch, and recharge. The perfect balance for a long trip. Thirteen hours after leaving home, we reached our first evening stop – Hope, BC.

Enjoying the Rain on a rest stop!

Day 2: Autopilot – recharging the driver

We woke up refreshed and ready to cross the border into the U.S. the following day. The border guard checked on the kids in the jump-seats, as they couldn’t believe there were actually seats back there! Michael drove the whole day and evening. We engaged Autopilot on certain stretches of the trip, which helped relieve driver fatigue - amazing!

Loving the jump seats!

Day 3: Tesla fun along the way

Disneyland and California was near! We started to see larger charging stations and more Teslas than ever! Our kids made it a game – how many Teslas would we see on the trip? It was always so much fun to pull up to a Supercharger station and see how many Teslas there were. Many times we would get to chat with other owners who were always so friendly and wanted to share their experiences. There was an instant camaraderie among owners.

Our First US stop!

Several people asked about the rear facing jump seats when they saw all four kids jump out of the car (two from the trunk). 

We pulled into Anaheim at around 2:30AM on Monday morning. We woke up the kids to tell them we made it as we passed the park. Our plan was to make it to the park that day, as it was our daughter’s birthday and we wanted to celebrate in Disneyland. Everything worked out beautifully!

Great ride, great trip, epic car!

Disneyland and back to Calgary - 6200km, 31 Superchargers and 121 hours travelling in style with the entire family. Great ride, great trip, epic car! We love our Tesla Model S 85D and can’t wait to see where our next epic trip takes us!

Thanks Tesla!
- Michael, Tammy, Ethan, Amelia, Samantha, and Melissa Subasic
(for more on our epic trip to Disneyland, check the YouTube video Tesla Epic road trip to Disneyland)