A fundamentally good car choice

Early last year we looked into buying a Tesla. We decided to buy two Audi’s instead of one Tesla. This turned out to be a very poor decision. After the Volkswagen scandal, we saw the value of our Audi’s depreciate almost $5,000 each in less than a month. We decided to cut our losses and buy a Tesla. The more research we did, the more we truly loved the vehicle. As I drive a very high number of miles per year (30,000), we were overwhelmed by the safety of the Model S. We purchased a Model S 70D on November 13, 2015. It was a very expensive decision getting out from under one of the Audi’s, but we were convinced that it was the right choice.


How Tesla saved my life

On January 5, 2016 shortly after 5 PM, I was headed out to see a client. As I headed westbound on the freeway, I saw a truck ahead of me lose control. The truck started fishtailing and careened across my path directly toward the median of the freeway. As the driver proceeded to over steer, the truck turned sharply to its left and came barreling at me head on. The result was a terrible three car accident. Somehow, because of my Tesla, I was able to walk away from the accident. Without any broken bones. There's no doubt in my mind that had I been in any of my previous cars, I would be dead. At the very least, I would be permanently disabled.  


See the picture. And please keep in mind that this picture - in the words of the lady at the body shop – doesn't do justice to the true damage of the car. The adjuster and body shop even believe that the Tesla greatly aided, if not saved the life, of the OTHER driver due to the crumple characteristics of the Tesla. I have neither the words nor enough gratitude to thank Tesla adequately.

My totaled Tesla has been replaced with a Tesla

After being overjoyed about surviving a head on collision on the freeway - let alone walking away - there is the daunting task of replacing a car. There was no doubt, that my totaled Tesla would be replaced by a Tesla. This process was made so much easier by outstanding efforts by Tesla personnel. Kimi Lee in sales was incredible getting us into a Tesla that was even better suited for me than the first one; Thomas Chu was absolutely amazing in finance helping us get the new Model S secured as the insurance company was paying off the totaled vehicle; Mike Cornwell and his crew did a superior job on delivery of the new Tesla.

I found that I didn't feel as safe in a rental or other non Tesla vehicle. And going back to gas stations is not a happening thing. I wouldn't wish for any Tesla owner to have to get their second Tesla like I did. But it was so much fun getting another Tesla. I'm sure all repeat and multiple owners know exactly what I'm talking about.