Growing Up Electric: “The Tesla Generation"

We were not looking for an electric car. I’m a car fanatic and switching between cars every 6-8 months has been the norm for me for the better part of a decade. So when I got married, my wife got tossed into the madness and she was driving everything under the sun from sporty SUV’s like the Cayenne, to a Mercedes CLS, to a Lotus Evora. I didn’t have any personal desire to own an electric car, and the fact that Tesla was such a new company in the wake of failures like Fisker, it just didn’t appeal to me.

It wasn’t until my brother Ben who is a tech geek like me, raved and raved about what amazing things Tesla was doing that my wife and I wandered into the Fashion Island Tesla store. We had met Cary Clark through a mutual friend from Aston Martin Newport Beach and he gave us a personalized test drive and a tour of the car. Honestly the moment I stepped on the pedal and took off, I was sold. It was unlike anything I’ve ever driven and the rush of the electric torque was pretty addicting. My wife took her turn and she gave me that look like “honey I want this.” Keep in mind, that only 6 months prior to that I had bought her a CLS550. Right after the test drive we designed our own Model S, and never looked back.

"It blows my mind that my son will grow up thinking it’s normal to be in an electric car.

My son was born about a year later and after having the car for about a year and throughout her pregnancy, I always had peace of mind knowing that they were traveling in the safest car in the world. He was brought home from Newport HOAG in the Tesla and it’s his normal car to ride in. It blows my mind that my son will grow up thinking it’s normal to be in an electric car, and that charging your car in the garage is what everyone should do. He’s not used to waiting at gas stations and smelling the fumes, and he doesn’t know what an oil change is. He’s part of the lucky few that get to be what I’ll call the Tesla generation.

Brixton is now 15 months old and we’re still loving our Tesla. The large hatchback trunk has proven to be perfect for Brixton’s stroller, his copious amounts of stuff, toys and food. You name it. The backseat is great for his car seat and our dog. We can just silently and efficiently zip around town to wherever we’d like to go. It’s the first car that I’ve ever owned that I can say the only thing I’d ever replace it with, is another Tesla (which btw, is why I have a reservation for a Model X).

We’ve had our share of small problems with the car as mine is a very early production vehicle, but in all honesty, I don’t really care. Call me a convert or just a tech geek, but Tesla and my Model S have changed my life, and the view I have of electric cars, and even the future of transportation. I couldn’t be more satisfied with my Model S, and I can’t wait to see what the Model X has in store for me.