How Tesla’s vision became our reality

Our Tesla experience began with the introduction of the Roadster.  We were impressed with the technical aspects of the vehicle but a small sports car would not fit into our daily lifestyle of five family members. The Supercharger network was also not yet large enough to be capable of long distance travel. Nonetheless, the company and its CEO intrigued and we continued to watch the growth of Tesla with interest. 

We had purchased a Prius in 2007 and as the long rumored introduction of the Tesla sedan became a reality we began to envision the Model S as a viable replacement for our Prius. The plug in Prius, the Leaf, the Volt and the BMW i3 all offered something of what we wanted but all were lacking in one or more areas. With the growth of the Supercharger network it became apparent the only electric vehicle that would meet all of our needs would be the Model S. 

Sold on Model S

In the fall of 2014 we were taking a trip to San Diego area to visit family.  We looked for a nearby Tesla store and found one in La Jolla. We scheduled a test drive and waited impatiently for our trip to start. We arrived in San Diego, picked up our rental car and headed to La Jolla. After some searching we found the store (not your usual automotive dealership) and were greeted warmly by the staff. We had arrived a little early so we spent the time looking at the displays and asking questions. Everyone was knowledgeable and very helpful. Our rep (Paige Hines) arrived and off we went to take our first Tesla drive. Wow! Paige directed us to I805 and we got our first experience of the impressive acceleration! Actually, everything was impressive.  The fit and finish, the interior design, the build quality, everything. We each had a turn behind the wheel and we were pretty much sold on the car at that point.

It only took a few weeks to make our decision to order a Model S. On our wedding anniversary, we called Paige and she guided us through the ordering process. The dual motor option had just been introduced so we decided on an 85D.

A couple of weeks after we ordered our Model S. Our delivery specialist, Jesse McFadden, contacted us to explain the delivery process and the steps we needed to take. At one point I decided I had made a mistake in not ordering air suspension so I called Jesse and asked if it was too late to order it. He assured me it was not too late and edited my ordered right then and there!

Delivery day

Our Model S finally arrived on April 1 (almost on my birthday!). The transport pulled up about a block from our house and off loaded our shiny new toy!  After some basic instructions on the car we were on our own. I took our neighbor (a BMW 5 series owner) for a little spin (he was envious) before putting the baby away. The next day, Jesse arrived and spent several hours with us going over the car’s operation and making us feel as comfortable as possible with our new vehicle.

Everything we had hoped for and more

Fast forward six months and 8500 miles and we are still ecstatic over our decision to buy the Model S. It is everything we had hoped for and much, much more. It is beautiful, fast, quiet, comfortable and best of all it’s electric! We live close by to the Salt Lake City Service Center and got to use the expertise of the fine folks a few times. Again, not your usual automotive experience.  Many thanks to the staff at Salt Lake, Dustyn, Bill, Chris and especially Colin. We have taken our first long road trip to Fremont to visit family and take a factory tour. We have put our foot in it on much more than one occasion - what a thrill! 

We have received multiple OTA updates, making the car better now than when we bought it.

We have met more than a few Tesla owners both here and on the road and every single one of them shares our enthusiasm for the Model S. We have answered countless questions about the car without ever getting tired of it. And we have thoroughly enjoyed every single moment of our Tesla ownership experience. Our thanks to Elon Musk and to his vision and our thanks to every single Tesla employee for making that vision our reality!