Our Sustainable Energy Journey

Silke & Rolf, February 2, 2016

Plan a test drive Experience Autopilot for yourself

We came to our Tesla like the virgin came to the child. We were neither looking for a car nor did we know much about Tesla beyond the fact that it existed. We had time to spare between appointments, the showroom was close-by and we got offered a test ride. Quarter of a block later, we were sold on the car. We loved the torque, loved the big screen, loved the smoothness of the car and that it instantly made us feel like we were driving the car of the future. A few months later, we got our first Tesla Model S. A little bit over a year later, we got our second one. We now have an order in for the Model X and already know we will be among the first to order a Model 3.

Supercharging – the perfect solution

We just did a 7,800km trip across the US from Victoria BC to Ft. Lauderdale FL in our Tesla Model S 85D and we loved every minute of it. The well thought-out Supercharger system made travelling a breeze, with the distances between the chargers and the mall locations being just perfect. Our car was always done charging before we were done with lunch, or with our dog walk, or with our coffee break. We believe this system should be adopted by the whole car industry, it’s the perfect solution. And Tesla Motors has offered cooperation to whoever wants it.

The car keeps getting better and better.

4,800mi/7,800km on Autopilot

The Autosteer and Traffic-aware Cruise Control were priceless on our 4,800mi/7,800km trip, we used it at least 85% of the time. That way, we arrived more rested after a day of driving the Tesla than we felt after a good night’s sleep.

Every few months, a major software update makes sure we have the best thought-out, new features. The car keeps getting better and better. Not only is the safety of this car out of this world, it’s also so much fun to drive. Nowadays, any drive is over too soon; distances are always too short when driving a Tesla.

Spreading the sustainable energy message

We stand 100% behind Tesla Motors, because they are not only doing the right thing, they are doing what they are doing the right way. We believe in their mission to make this world a better place for humankind. We believe it so strongly, we started on our own sustainable energy journey: Not only do we now have solar panels on our house roof, we are also planning to cross Canada in the summer of 2016 in our Tesla Model X, using this trip to promote sustainable energy and electric cars. If all of this sounds too exuberant to be true, check in with us on www.TeslaXCanada.com and let us show you: We mean it! One thing is sure for us, we will never go back to an internal combustion engine car ever again. If anything, we’ll buy more Tesla stock.

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