Riding on the Wind

Plan a test drive Zero emissions. Zero compromises.

We don’t live near a Supercharger; we don’t even live near a Destination Charger. The nearest Tesla Service Center is 372 miles away in Highland Park, IL.

Our Remote Location

We took a chance when we bought our Tesla, and it’s paying off because our power comes from the wind. Our residential sized turbine captures wind from Lake Superior in Upper Michigan and fuels our net-zero lifestyle. So we mean it when we say, “We’re riding on the wind.”

Sam Atop our Bergey 10kW Wind Turbine Tower

Our journey began with our energy efficient, all-electric home (including a demanding heat load) powered by renewable energy. When we discovered our wind turbine consistently produced excess electricity, we asked ourselves, “What should we do with this extra electric fuel?” The answer was clear – drive with it! Yes, ride on the wind.

Prior to Tesla, our all-electric vehicle was a small truck we converted. However, our range was limited to 70 miles. Living remotely in snow country, we needed more range if we were going to drive electric year-round. We knew who built the best, and we knew that the soundless, smooth ride of an earthbound Tesla spaceship would feel like we were coasting on the wind. The question was could we afford this luxury car?

Although we’re not financially wealthy, we’ve made our green choices top priority and are rich with the intrinsic knowledge that “we must be the change we wish to see in the world.” (Thank you, Gandhi.)

Our gorgeous Deep Blue Metallic Model S 70D is now the crowning jewel in our green lifestyle. We love the get-up-and-go; the acceleration of this Tesla model is unparalleled. It reminds us of the “rush” of the Test Track ride at Disney World! Maneuverability and handling are dynamic, and our feelings of security and safety are a testament to how solidly this car is built. So far, our Tesla has even handled tough gravel roads and snow country. You can see how deep our snow gets!

As we drove our new Tesla home, our biggest thrills were knowing that we were driving without a tailpipe and emissions, and we’d be driving electric year round! We’re grateful to be charging with Mother Nature’s generous gift of wind energy. We’re tickled to be riding on the wind!