Supercharge in Boise – Tesla’s Early Adopters Start a State Wide Change

Boise, Idaho the “City of Trees” got its name from the explorers who first arrived after days of travel through high desert country to a wooded area along the river now known as the Boise River. This oasis was a welcome relief. Today, it’s a vibrant city, offering a stop to recharge both Tesla car and driver who find Boise a welcome stop after many miles of travel through the vast Northwest.

As early Tesla Model S owners, (December 2012) we have experienced Tesla ownership before Superchargers existed, before door handles auto presented. Our Tesla Model S lived 450 miles from its nearest service center. Many thought we were crazy putting our faith in a new car company with new technology, and distant support. We fielded questions about range, charging and the ownership experience regularly. Tesla and their Service Teams insured we never felt isolated. The ownership experience has been beyond any other car, and Model S represents a car that is well designed, engineered, and manufactured. The performance is incredible and shocks people when you provide them with a closer look and a chance to experience the car.

"We are happy to be a small but growing part of this change."

The number of Model S owners in Boise has grown over the past couple of years and they share their experiences at car shows and local events. We even have a local owner who purchased a Model S and was so impressed with the car, proceeded to purchase another one to start a luxury taxi service with the first all-electric luxury taxi in Boise. With the availability of dual motor Model S many of our local owners are now 2 Model S owners or considering adding a Model X as a replacement to their SUVs.

With the opening of the new Boise Supercharger, local owners have followed the construction of the first physical footprint Tesla has in Boise.

We came out in strong support when the Supercharger Station was operational as well as for the ribbon cutting ceremony.

One of our first visitors was Peter Forman and his Portuguese water dog “Iceman”.  They are residents of Hawaii, but are making a 50 state tour in Peter’s recently purchased Model S.  We showed them a big welcome at the Supercharger and had an evening celebration at the Boise Supercharger.  

Tesla is creating more than a car, it is creating a new ecosystem around energy and transport, a community, a lifestyle, new jobs, and a better future. We are happy to be a small but growing part of this change.