Superior Service: Not just once, but for a Model S lifetime!

We all have stories of how impressed and excited we are with our Model S’s. How unbelievable Model S is even though we are behind its steering wheel and effortlessly cruising down the highway.

During those early Tesla days many of us were a little unsure if we had made the best choice in selecting such a young company for such an expensive purchase. Should I pay for a Model S an amount more than three times what I had for any previous vehicle? That was what I was thinking too, until…

I knew I had made the right choice after talking to and seeing the work ethic of Barry Abe, the Honolulu Service Center’s only employee in early 2013. In March ’13, I discovered that my Service Center had an orphan Model S. After discussions with a Delivery Specialist at Tesla headquarters we agreed on options. Tesla required the delivery be completed by noon the next day. In order for my delivery to meet the deadline, Barry worked that Saturday afternoon, late into Saturday night, plus most of the next day, Easter to make the option changes and delivery prep. Barry’s sincere interest in making sure my new Model S was perfect honestly awed me.

We are all treated like royalty.

But Barry is not the only Tesla employee with a passion for the Tesla experience. Everyone with Tesla is like Barry; dedicated to providing superior service and performing exceptional service. I’ve had a Model S for almost three years now. Several annual services and a couple of other visits where I wanted something changed. I could not be more pleased with each outcome. I don’t think I am special. Tesla does not treat me any better or different than other customers. We are all treated like royalty. I don’t know how they keep doing it, but they are great. Would I do it all again? Absolutely, in 4.2 seconds, or 3.1 seconds, maybe 2.8 seconds.

My Model S was carved from a solid block of awesome.