A Tesla Moment

My wife and I always wanted an electric car and after our Mercedes E350 lease got over. We were actually looking for a luxury electric car. After some research, it turned out that Tesla Model S is the only choice we have so we both decided to go for a test drive. It was a very easy decision after test drive from both of us to go ahead with this car. It was an amazing experience for us.

Finally the car came to us on February 1st, which happened to be my birthday. We are so happy with the car and created a commute schedule between us as in who takes Tesla to work. We both are actually now looking for a reason to run the errands so that we get to take the car out.

Yesterday when I was driving on a very small street called when I saw another Tesla Model S coming from the other side. I have been seeing many Model S on freeways and in posh areas, but two Teslas on a small street was really a Tesla moment. I was so glad to see the other car thinking that people really started to believe in this car and it also supported my decision to buy this car. I was almost about to take my hand out and wave to this person in the other Tesla car and say Good Choice but I guess we don’t solicit like this while driving so I just kept quiet. This was a true Tesla moment for me.

Rishi Kabra
Proud Tesla owner


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