Top 10 Reasons Why Tesla is the Best car I Have Ever Owned

Jay Wodarck, October 19, 2015

We’ve had our Tesla since 2012, making us an early adopter of the Model S. Since then, we have put over 40,000 miles on our car. With all the Superchargers and our set up at home we have no range anxiety or maintenance costs. Here are our top 10 reasons why we love our Tesla:

  1. Our Model S makes us feel like rock stars. People notice the car on the road and point at us driving by!
  2. Getting our car updated with free over-the-air software updates is incredible. Model S updates while I am sleeping! No need to go to the service center.
  3. With Model S I get to do drive by gas stations and just wave. I even forgot how much gas costs.
  4. Tesla has made me become more environmentally conscious. I have even converted my home to be on solar power.
  5. You can’t beat the design and style of Model S.
  6. Having a Model S automatically gives you a sense of family and community. I have made many new friends with other Tesla owners.
  7. Model S handles unbelievably well with an incredible low center of gravity. I have a blast every time I am behind the wheel.
  8. I have never received better service experience than with Tesla.
  9. I am proud to say, I was the first one on my block to own a Tesla!
  10. My wife loves our Model S too as it allows me to get home faster by utilizing the carpool lane!

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