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First Tesla Roadster arrives in Ireland

CORK, Ireland – The first Tesla Roadster has arrived in Ireland, and the new owners are charging it with the country’s abundant wind energy.

Peter Harte and Celine McInerney shipped their electric blue, right-hand-drive Roadster from Swansea, UK, to Cork last weekend, and have already clocked 200 miles of zero-emissions motoring on the roads around their home south of Cork.
The Roadster is the first sports car the couple has owned. They charge it with wind energy from their utility company and store it in their garage next to a Subaru and Volvo.

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Tesla delivers first car in Spain

GRANADA, Spain -- Tesla Motors has delivered its first car to a customer in Spain, and the new owner charges his Roadster exclusively with renewable energy.

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Tesla Sweeps Monte Carlo Alternative Energy Rally

MONACO — A Tesla Roadster has become the first electric vehicle to win the Monte Carlo Alternative Energy Rally and the first to win any FIA-sanctioned championship. Driven by Formula One driver Erik Comas, the Arctic White Roadster beat 96 competitors in range, efficiency and performance. The Roadster’s victory in the three-day, nearly 1,000-kilometer challenge also marks the first time an electric vehicle has dominated a Federation Internationale de l'Automobile competition worldwide.

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Tesla Motors Sends Two Teams to Monte Carlo Alternative Energy Rally

MONACO — Tesla Motors will return to the Monte Carlo Alternative Energy Rally this weekend. Tesla was a category winner last year and set a new world record for an electric vehicle. The Monte Carlo Rally is a three-day challenge to test range and performance of more than 100 alternative-fuel vehicles.

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Tesla and TAG Heuer head to Zurich as first stop on “Odyssey of Pioneers” world tour

ZURICH — An historic round-the-world tour in a zero-emission car will come to Zurich on Saturday – the first stop in a 37,000-kilometer voyage by Tesla Motors and avant-garde watchmaker TAG Heuer.

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TAG Heuer and Tesla Motors launch worldwide partnership

GENEVA — Pioneering luxury Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer and electric carmaker Tesla Motors have teamed up in a worldwide partnership as the iconic Swiss brand celebrates its 150th anniversary.

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Tesla Offers Leasing Option for Iconic Roadster

SAN CARLOS, Calif. - Tesla Motors, producer of the world's only highway-capable EV, is now offering the option of leasing the groundbreaking Roadster and Roadster Sport. Tesla Motors Leasing will allow more people to enjoy the Roadster's uncompromising design, engineering, and service with the benefits that leasing provides.

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Tesla takes Switzerland by storm

ST. MORITZ, Switzerland -- (BUSINESS WIRE) — Leading electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors is offering test drives this weekend in St. Moritz, the world's oldest and most prestigious winter resort.

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Tesla launches right-hand-drive Roadster in London showroom

LONDON -- (BUSINESS WIRE) — Tesla Motors has announced production of the right-hand-drive version of its iconic Roadster sports car, the only highway-capable electric vehicle for sale worldwide.

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Tesla Hires Toyota Manufacturing Expert

SAN CARLOS, CA. – Tesla Motors announced today that former Toyota production engineering general manager Gilbert Passin will lead Tesla's vehicle manufacturing operations.

Passin brings 23 years of international automotive experience to Tesla. He has led some of the most high-profile divisions at Toyota, Volvo, Mack and projects at Renault across North America and Europe. Most recently, Passin served as general manager of production engineering for Toyota in North America. In spite of the recent recall, Toyota’s manufacturing production process continues to be regarded as one of the most efficient in automotive assembly.

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