Test drive a Tesla in Örnsköldsvik

Tesla Supercharger
Härnösandsvägen 4
Örnsköldsvik, Schweden
891 31
25. Oktober

We want to offer you a unique experience with Model S or Model X in Örnsköldsvik!

You will be able to experience the different features that our cars have to offer, as well as test the revolutionizing Autopilot system. Autopilot assists the driver by activating Auto-Steer on highways and country roads while also allowing the car to be aware of its surroundings on the road.

Test drives are resvered for customers with an interest in purchase or company leasing. After the test drive you will be able to sit down and look at a financial solution that fits you. 

Schedule your test drive today!

  • All drivers must be 25 or older
  • A Tesla representative will contact you to confirm your booking
  • The test drive will approximately take 25-30 minutes and one of our product specialsts will be present the whole time