Tesla Account Support

Your Tesla Account includes owner resources, guides and important updates. Combined with the Tesla app, you can do everything from remotely monitoring your car and energy usage to transferring ownership.

Basic Account Support

How do I reset the password to my Tesla Account?
To reset your password, follow these steps. If resetting your password doesn’t work, contact us. You can change your password on the 'Settings' page of your Tesla Account.

How do I update my Tesla Account preferences and information?
To update your information, log into your Tesla Account and select 'Settings' to update your saved details.

I have multiple Tesla products. How can I switch views?
You can switch views in two ways:

Adding and Removing Products

How can I add a car to my Tesla Account?
The adding a car process varies depending on how your car was purchased.

How can I claim ownership of my car?
If you did not purchase your car through Tesla, you must claim ownership before it can be paired with the app and your Tesla Account. You will need access to your car and a Wi-Fi connection to complete the transfer process.

Follow these steps to claim ownership:

Can I remove a car from my Tesla Account?
Yes. You can remove a car from your Tesla Account by following the steps below. If you are transferring ownership, please note that Supercharging credits, upgrades and some other features may not be transferable. After the removal, your previous ownership documents, lease/loan documents and receipts can be found in the ‘Previously Owned’ section of your Tesla Account.

Follow these steps to remove a car from your account:

Note: If you transferred directly to the new owner, they will also receive an email confirmation. If no Tesla Account is associated with their email address, they’ll receive a second email to complete their account set-up.

Billing and Payments

How do I add additional payment methods?
You can view, add and remove payment methods from Wallet in the Tesla app. Your Supercharging payment method can be updated from either Wallet in the Tesla app or the ‘Payment Method’ section of your Tesla Account.

Car Access

What is Car Access?
Car Access allows you to add and remove access permission for an additional driver. You can add and remove additional drivers at any time from your Tesla app.

Note: To access this feature, the primary vehicle owner and additional drivers must have Tesla app version 4.3.1 or higher.

Which permissions will my additional driver have?
Your additional driver will have access to all Tesla app features except purchasing Upgrades.

How can I add a driver for my vehicle?
To add a driver, follow these steps:

Note: To access this feature, the primary vehicle owner and additional drivers must have Tesla app version 4.3.1 or higher. Additional drivers can either use a previously registered Tesla Account or use the app to create a new Tesla Account.

How can I remove an additional driver?
Follow these steps to remove your additional driver:

Account Security

What is multi-factor authentication?
Multi-factor authentication protects your Tesla Account by requiring a secondary form of verification before signing in. Once multi-factor authentication is set up, you’ll be required to enter your account credentials and verify your identity from a registered device each time you sign in. Keep your account secure by setting up multi-factor authentication.

How do I reset the password to my Tesla Account?
Tesla requires a strong password be created for your Tesla Account. Your password must have eight or more characters and at least one number or letter. Using punctuation marks and adding extra characters strengthens your account.

You can reset your password at any time by following these steps:

If resetting your password doesn’t work, you can contact us to request a temporary password. Sign in with the temporary password provided and select 'Settings' in the top right corner to change your password.

Can I use my Tesla Account credentials when signing in to a third-party application?
We highly recommend that you exercise caution when downloading a third-party mobile or web application that requires you to log in using your Tesla Account credentials. Some apps provide great benefits but they also have a potential to negatively impact system security, stability and data if not handled properly.

Tesla does not authorize public use of its API, and some applications found on the internet may not contain the software they claim to, or may contain software that you didn't expect or want. This includes, but is not limited to, apps that ask to install configuration profiles that can then control your device. If installed, unverified or untrusted third-party applications may become intrusive, drain your battery, track your location, misuse your personal information, cause security vulnerabilities, unauthorized access to Tesla’s API, software instability and disruption of services. To avoid unwanted or malicious software, Tesla strongly cautions against the use of third-party applications that require the sharing your Tesla Account credentials.

I received a suspicious email and/or message about my Tesla Account and am required to share my account credentials. Is it safe for me to share my account information?
No. If you receive an email or see a message that your Tesla Account, Tesla vehicle or your Tesla app has a virus, or someone claiming to be from Tesla calls to request your username and password, you’re likely the target of phishing. Phishing tricks users to share personal information and is a fraudulent attempt in forms of emails, texts, ads and phone calls. If you have any doubts about a request or communication, or even if you just need to update your information with Tesla, contact Tesla directly.