Customer Support & Roadside Assistance

Customer Support

Find answers online to questions you have about purchasing, delivery, ownership and product support. If you can’t find an answer you’re looking for, our Customer Support team is available to provide solutions 24/7. Log into your Tesla Account to submit a support question. If you don’t have a Tesla Account, submit a request through our Contact Us form.

In the rare event that a Service Center visit is needed, you can schedule an appointment through your Tesla Account.

Roadside Assistance

Tesla Roadside Assistance is committed to providing you with immediate roadside services, 24/7 365 days a year. Contact Us for Roadside Assistance services.

Your standard Roadside Assistance policy is provided for the first four years of ownership, or 80,000 km. Additional coverage for your battery or drive unit are available with a separate policy for 8 years or 200,000 km, or 8 years unlimited miles, depending on your model.


A warrantable breakdown of the car that renders it un-drivable.
Coverage: Transportation services of up to 800 km to the nearest Service Center are provided.

Flat Tire
Damage to the wheel or tire that causes flat or unsafe driving conditions.
Coverage: Flat tire services are provided for up to 80 km.

Circumstances where the car cannot be unlocked normally due to car, fob or app malfunction.
Coverage: A Roadside Professional will create a small opening between the door and car frame in order to manually open your door within 80 km of your car’s location.

Out of Range
When your battery charge is depleted and you can’t make it to a charging station, or the car has been unplugged for an extended period of time.
Coverage: We are able to assist you, but this is not a financially covered service. Contact Roadside Assistance to learn more or arrange a transport.

For all services not listed, we are still equipped and ready to assist you. Review our Roadside Assistance policy for service details and what you may need to provide payment for.

Support outside your market

Tesla cars that reside outside of their original market may receive limited features and support. Review our Gray Market Quick Guide to learn more about our warranty and service coverage areas.