Winter Driving Tips

As you prepare to drive your Tesla during winter, read these tips on range, storage and winter tires, to ensure the best possible ownership experience during the colder months.

Driving and Range
It is normal to see increased range consumption during colder months. Tesla cars are most efficient when their systems are operating at an optimal warm temperature. In colder months, when ambient temperatures are lower, more energy is required to maintain an optimal temperature, but Tesla cars offer many useful features to help mitigate decreased range.

Ready to Go

  • Tap ‘Climate’ in the Tesla app to precondition your car and improve performance. Your cabin will maintain a set temperature if your battery is above 20 percent. You can also turn on, off, or adjust any of your seat heaters and, if available in your car, your steering wheel heater.

On the Road

  • After preconditioning your car, turn on Range Mode in Model S or Model X to limit power used by your climate control. This will decrease energy used per mile and maintain range.
  • Distribute heat more efficiently by using heated seats instead of the cabin heater.

When You Park

  • Charge your car when not in use at the end of the day. This will warm its systems from charging, rather than from your battery.

Your car uses energy to maintain an optimal battery temperature. If you leave your car for an extended period of time, plug it in to prevent normal range loss. This will also ensure that you return to a fully charged car. Your car is safe to leave plugged in for any length of time. Due to advanced diagnostics, the car is smart enough to protect itself from overcharging when left plugged in.

If you are unable to leave your car plugged in, increase your charge limit to 100 percent and fully charge your car. Keep in mind an unplugged Tesla loses approximately one percent of its range per day. Please refer to the ‘Battery Information’ section in your Owner’s Manual for additional details or review our Roadside Assistance policy for more information.

When not in use, Tesla cars automatically enter sleep mode to conserve range and energy. If you check your car via the Tesla app it will wake up and start normal energy consumption until it returns to sleep mode. You can avoid unintentional energy consumption by minimizing the amount of times you check your car via the app.