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Reduce the cost and environmental impact of your company fleet

Km range
0 to 100 kph *
litres of storage
*Model S 100D

Tesla Leasing

A standard lease includes insurance, registration, servicing and maintenance, tyres and roadside assistance. No deposit is required, and low monthly payments include all running costs.

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Vehicle Price

Terms (month)


Annual Mileage (KM)


Estimated Lease Payment


Operating Lease

The most convenient way to lease a fleet of Tesla vehicles for your business, without the hassle of ownership.

Finance Lease

A fixed-term lease, with the option to own at the end of the term, for a pre-agreed future value.

Novated Lease

A salary package designed for convenient payments from your pre and post-tax salary.

The payments shown by this lease calculator are for a commercial finance product. The lease payments calculated include a budget for service and maintenance costs for your Tesla. Those budgets are based on the term and kms that you have nominated. If you travel more than the nominated kms it is likely that there will be additional costs associated with your lease. The service and maintenance costs associated with your Tesla lease will be charged at cost. The financier may also charge additional fee per kms if you travel over your nominated kms, this fee will be shown on the lease documents you sign, prior to proceeding to settlement. Yearly fuel savings are based on a fuel consumption of 9L/100kms and fuel price of $1.20 per litre.

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Benefits for your company and your drivers

Driver Benefits

Corporate Benefits

  • No Stamp Duty in ACT*6
  • Reduced cost of ownership with low fuel and maintenance costs
  • Low emissions to compliment your sustainability initiatives
  • Incentivise your employees with a Tesla
  • Complimentary Tesla Wall Connector with the purchase of Model S or X

Charging Estimator

Petrol Savings

Distance Driven


Home and Destination

Road Trip

Tesla Service Center

21st Century Service

Tesla Service includes everything needed to keep your Tesla in great condition with up to 4 Year Maintenance Plans.

  • Annual inspection (or every 20,000 kilometers)
  • Replacement parts like windshield wipers (excluding tyres and brake pads)
  • System monitoring
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Software updates

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Model S and X for Hire Car Operators

There are a number of electric vehicle benefits for chauffeur and limousine operators when purchasing Model S

  • Free Fleet API (integration required)
  • Lower maintenance and fuel costs than traditional combustion engine vehicles complimenting your cost of ownership
  • Vehicle Safety for your customers as well as Autopilot

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Test Drive

Experience driving a Model S or Model X at your local Tesla store.
You may also request an onsite visit for all of your colleagues to experience a Tesla.

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  • The calculators are provided for illustration purposes only. Range, charge time, travel and cost calculations are based on computer models and certain hypothetical operating conditions, including specific vehicle settings, driving, road and environmental conditions, and availability of charging options. The algorithms used in the calculators are not based on NEDC estimates. Your actual results may vary.
  • Source: Emissions for ICE;
  • Emissions calculations are for illustration purposes only and based on the following assumptions: Model S energy consumption rate of 181 Wh/km.
  • Source: Reference for Petrol prices;
  • Assuming home charge overnight when energy is off peak residential. 
  • Applicable for new vehicles with a valid ACT registration address only.