Living off-grid with solar and Powerwall

With a Tesla off-grid system, you can reliably generate, store and power your home and live independently from the grid.

If your home is connected to a grid, learn how to reduce your reliance on the grid with Powerwall while maintaining low-cost energy independence.

How does a Tesla off-grid system work?

Going off the grid means that your home is entirely disconnected from the grid and self-powered by solar panels and energy stored in home batteries.

A Tesla off-grid system is made up of several parts: solar panels, at least one Powerwall and necessary mounting and monitoring equipment. The energy generated by your solar panels during the day will power your home and appliances, with excess energy charging your Powerwall. Powerwall will discharge energy when needed.

In some cases, a secondary energy source is integrated into the system to provide energy on low-sunlight days. If a storm or multiple cloudy days pass through, Powerwall can automatically turn on a secondary energy source to seamlessly power your home and charge Powerwall.

Who is eligible for the Tesla off-grid system?

Tesla’s off-grid system is offered for sites that meet these requirements:

  • The site does not have a grid connection
  • The site has sufficient sunshine available year-round to meet your energy needs
  • We recommend installing Powerwall in protected places where the average daily temperature is above 0ºC for best off-grid performance

If you pay a monthly electricity bill, you can alternatively learn more about Powerwall for your home while being connected to the grid.

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