The World’s Fastest Charging Station

The Supercharger network is your answer to long distance travel. Superchargers enable travel to your favorite destinations and charge Model S and Model X in minutes. Stations have multiple Superchargers to get you back on the road quickly and are located near restaurants, shopping centers, and Wi‑Fi hotspots.


Enter your final destination and Trip Planner automatically routes you through convenient Superchargers along the way.

Plug In

Plug in for about 30 minutes and grab a cup of coffee or a quick bite to eat while your vehicle charges.

Journey On

Your Tesla app will notify you when your vehicle is done charging.

Find a Supercharger

1,043 Supercharger Stations with 7,496 Superchargers

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The map above is a representation of the corridors we plan to enable and the timing thereof. Exact locations and timing may vary.

Annual Roadtrip Credits

Each year, Model S and Model X owners receive 400 kWh of free Supercharger credit, enough to drive about 1600 km. These credits cover the long distance driving needs of most Model S and Model X owners, so road trips are completely free. Customers who travel beyond the annual credit pay a small fee to Supercharge—only a fraction of the cost of gas.

Less Than the Cost of Gas

Supercharger Cost

After the annual Supercharger credit

Gasoline Cost

Distance Driven

Distance Driven



Charging costs are approximate. Charging cost estimate assumes Supercharger cost of  per kilowatt hour. Gasoline cost assumes  liters per 100km at  per liter. Cost may vary depending on the vehicle location, configuration, battery age and condition, driving style and operation, and environmental and climate conditions.

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Supercharger Technology

Superchargers deliver energy rapidly, and gradually slow down as the battery fills. Your vehicle automatically alerts you when it has enough energy to continue the trip and with the extensive network of Superchargers along popular routes, charging above 80% isn’t typically necessary.

You have enough energy to continue your trip.

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Network Expansion

We are at work around the globe constructing new sites to enable additional routes and expand popular stations. In addition to Superchargers, we have a growing network of Destination Charging Partners with dedicated Tesla charging. Tesla partners with hotels, restaurants, shopping centers and resorts to make charging when you arrive at your destination as simple as charging at home.

If you are interested in hosting Tesla charging, click here.