Home Charging Installation

The best place to charge your Tesla is at home, overnight. Plug in when you get home and wake up to a full charge for the day.

How do I install home charging equipment?
There are three main steps:

Step 1: Find an Electrician
Tesla has a network of recommended electricians who can provide an obligation- free quote, enter your zip code here to locate an installer in your area. If you plan to use your local electrician share our installation manuals.

Step 2: Review the quote

  • Ensure the charge rate makes sense relative to your on-board charger
  • Position the Wall Connector to reach your charge port located on the left rear taillight
  • Installation must comply with AS/NZ3000 wiring regulations
  • All works must be carried out by a licensed electrician

Step 3: Plan your Installation.

What home charging equipment is available?
There are two connector options:

Hardware Description

Wall Connector

Tesla recommends the Wall Connector as the most dynamic home charging hardware for Model S, Model X and Model 3. Customisable to almost any power supply, the Wall Connector will provide faster charging speeds and the most convenience for home charging.

Learn more about the Wall Connector.

Mobile Connector

The Mobile Connector is included with all new vehicles as standard equipment. Use this connector cable to plug into standard 230V outlets as a backup charging option.

Learn more about the Mobile Connector.

CCS Combo 2 Adaptor

The CCS Combo 2 Adaptor is included with all new Model S & X vehicles. This can be used with compatible CCS Combo 2 charging stations.

How do I install charging in a multi-unit dwelling?
Multi-unit dwellings consist of apartments, any residence with shared common space, such as parking or electrical infrastructure. Your apartment may have a manager, strata committee, body corporate, or owner who should be informed of your planned charging installation.

We've created a Template letter to communicate the value of home charging for your building to ensure all stakeholders are aware of your planned purchase, and your plan to have home charging options.


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