Model S Safety Update

As part of the industry-wide recall of Takata airbag inflators, the front passenger airbags in certain 2014 - 2016 Model S vehicles will be replaced by Tesla.

Is my vehicle affected?
To check if your vehicle is affected, you can search for your car’s VIN. Your VIN is located in the owner documentation and on the vehicle (for example, near the bottom of the windscreen on the passenger side, when viewed from outside).

As of January 2021, all Tesla vehicles affected by the takata airbag recall (PRA: 2019/17269) have been rectified, with the exception of the 11 vehicles with the following VINs:

If your vehicle’s airbag has not yet been replaced, it is faulty and it could kill or seriously injure you and other people in your vehicle. Please immediately call the toll free number 1 800 68 6705 to arrange an airbag replacement.

Keep your contact details up to date.

If you have an affected vehicle, it’s important to update your contact details so that Tesla can contact you to arrange a replacement airbag. Please click here to login to Tesla Account and update your contact details.

Contact Us

To speak with your nearest Tesla Service Centre, please dial the toll free number 1 800 68 6705 or visit our locations.

For those with hearing impairments, the national relay service is available to assist with phone calls; visit

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I have a 2014-2016 Model S – is my vehicle safe to drive with a person in the front passenger seat?
It is strongly recommended that owners of vehicles with critical airbags stop driving their vehicles immediately and call Tesla to arrange a replacement. After 6 years from manufacture, Takata airbags pose a heightened risk of injury or death.

I have a 2014-2016 Model S – are all my airbags affected by this recall?
No, only the passenger side airbag is affected.

I have a 2014-2016 Model S – when can I expect a replacement airbag?
Affected Model S vehicles will be recalled from January 2019, with all airbags to be replaced by December 2020. Your local service centre will notify you when it is time to have the work done.

I have a 2017-2018 Model S – is my vehicle safe to drive with a person in the front passenger seat?
Yes. These models use a different airbag.

Is my Roadster, Model X, or Model 3 part of this recall?
No. The recalls will not affect any vehicles currently being produced. Additionally, Model S vehicles that were produced after late 2016, and all Tesla Roadster, Model X, and Model 3 vehicles are not affected. None of those vehicles has the type of airbag inflator that is subject to the recall.

My frontal passenger airbag has already been replaced as part of collision repair. Does it need to be replaced again?
Please take note that any replacement airbag installed in your vehicle following a collision or other incident may also be faulty. It is important that you contact Tesla to arrange for the airbag to be checked and replaced, if faulty. You should keep this letter with your vehicle records. If you sell or give your vehicle to another driver before replacing the airbag, please provide them with a copy of this letter and encourage them to contact the dealer directly to update the owner contact details for the vehicle.

Click here to download Tesla’s Recall Initiation Schedule, Quarterly Completion Schedule, and Recall and Replacement Timeline.

Information for second-hand, parts, and salvage businesses

Tesla Model S vehicles manufactured from 2014-2016 are fitted with faulty Takata airbags which, depending on their age and other factors, pose a risk of serious injury or death to motorists in the future.

What you should do:
1 - Before selling any Tesla Model S, please check if it is affected by this recall using the VIN search tool above.
2 – Contact Tesla to replace affected airbags before sale. All vehicles fitted with affected airbags must have those airbags replaced before sale. To arrange replacement, please contact a Tesla Service Centre on the toll free number 1 800 68 6705, or visit‌findus.
3 – Before disposing of any affected airbag inflators, contact Tesla to ensure that it is disposed of in accordance with legal requirements.