Range Calculator Reference

How is range calculated?

All ranges follow the WLTP standard, which can be useful in comparing ranges among electric vehicles. Certified ranges are tested on the largest wheel option, as required by law, reflecting the lowest-range configuration.

Your actual range will vary depending on the vehicle configuration, battery age and condition, driving style and operating, environmental and climate conditions.

What is WLTP and how does it work?

The WLTP rates electric vehicle driving range. It uses a dynamic test cycle lasting 30 minutes with a number of driving phases and includes a balance between urban and non-urban driving. Testing is performed at different speeds and includes stops, acceleration and braking.

What is the discrepancy between the WLTP estimate and real-world range?

WLTP aims to test vehicles under conditions that are realistic and mimic on-road performance however it does not cover all possible variations. The vehicle’s actual range depends on many factors, including the environment and personal driving habits. For example, one driver might accelerate faster and brake more suddenly than another who may drive more conservatively.

While WLTP testing aims to be based on real-world performance, it still uses a specific test cycle that is reproducible and repeatable by any testing facility with any vehicle. Because all manufacturers must use the exact same testing conditions, the main purpose of the WLTP is to allow for realistic comparison of range between electric vehicles from different manufacturers.

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