Taking delivery

Taking delivery of your new Tesla is a quick and easy experience. With Tesla Tutorial videos available right on your touchscreen, you can learn about the features and functions of your Tesla from the driver’s seat.

After placing your order, sign in to your Tesla Account to complete the required delivery tasks and prepare for delivery. The latest updates on delivery timing, VIN assignment and appointment details will be available in your Tesla Account.

Depending on location and eligibility, your Tesla will be available for pickup at a delivery centre or will be delivered to your location. Please note that delivery dates may change based on many factors including logistics and completion of your pre-delivery tasks.

Pick up from a Tesla location

Delivered to your location

Express Delivery

Take delivery at a Tesla location.

Before your delivery appointment, download the Tesla app to access our video tutorials and support resources. Your Tesla will automatically pair to the app on delivery day.

Express Delivery Steps

Explore the features at your own pace with the in-car Tesla Tutorials and Owner’s Manual. Watch the Tesla Tutorial videos anytime on your touchscreen, in the Tesla app or on Tesla Support.

Express Delivery is available at all Tesla delivery centres.

Carrier Direct

Take delivery from a Third-Party carrier.

This option is available for customers who live more than 250km from the nearest Tesla delivery location. These deliveries are performed by independent third-party carriers. For faster delivery, we recommend taking delivery at a Tesla delivery location.

Tesla will provide an estimated delivery timeline, with the exact delivery date to be confirmed by the third-party carrier once final payment is received and your vehicle is in transit.

Before Shipment

Delivery Day

Prior to receiving your vehicle, we recommend watching the Tesla Tutorial videos and downloading the Tesla app.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I prepare for delivery?
To prepare for delivery, complete the following steps:

Where can I find the latest updates on my delivery timing?
Your Tesla Account will be the source of truth for your delivery timing after placing your order. Delivery timing estimates are subject to change, and your Tesla Account will always reflect the latest details. If you need a car sooner than your delivery estimate, explore our existing inventory options.