Model X is perfect for our active lifestyle

Plan a test drive Zero emissions. Zero Compromises.

There are “Aha! moments” in life when an important insight, choice or decision is realized. In 2012, I attended cultural anthropology classes at St. Edward's University in Austin, Texas. My husband and I are both IT professionals, but I have an interest in learning more about our planet. Texas is a pro gas and oil State so when the time came to select a topic for my capstone paper, I chose to explore horizontal hydraulic fracturing (fracking). Companies in Texas drill close to communities and schools, and I wanted to have a better understanding of what this means to both our environment and to the people who live with fracking in their backyards. What I learned in my research was shocking and led me to the conclusion that fracking is ruining our health, and destroying our land and fresh water supply. This was my “Aha! moment” and the beginning of my quest to change how I live my life to better the world around me.

First steps to a better world

Dale and I began talking about solar panels and electric cars. Solar panels were installed, now to look for a good electric car that can provide us with the longest range possible. After all our research, Tesla was #1 on our list!

My husband and I are avid cyclists. We have ridden over 22,000 miles in 12 years on our tandem bicycle. The Model X would have been perfect for our active lifestyle, but at that time the Model X was not in production. However, we could not wait to own a Tesla and cut our reliance on fossil fuels, so we purchased a Tesla Model S P85. It was like driving something from the future and we were thrilled with Tesla’s customer service and attention to detail...we were hooked! We kept our GMC Terrain only for hauling the tandem and continued to follow the Model X.

From Model S to Model X

Our patience paid off, and the time came to order a Tesla Model X. We had the opportunity to trade our Model S for the Model X, but I would not let Dale trade in the Model S. We both love that car and besides, if we traded in the Model S then Dale might get way too comfortable driving the Model X, and after all…the Model X was to be MINE!

Kristal Braley was the Tesla Specialist who introduced us to our Model S, so we were thrilled that she would also introduce us to our Titanium Model X P90D. We had no idea how roomy, luxurious, and FAST the Model X was until we climbed in and explored. We bought a Draftmaster tandem bike rack that easily attaches to the Model X’s receiver hitch. We can now take cycling vacations with our Model X and say goodbye to gasoline forever.

The best investment we have made yet.

The Model X is surprisingly energy efficient for a car of its size. We found that driving 65 mph was the energy efficient sweet spot for us. We used Autopilot for many miles on a recent trip to south Louisiana. When crossing the I-10 bridge over the Mississippi, we took a snapshot of the display. The power consumption/regenerative braking was very interesting and provided a visual of the energy usage.

We love our Tesla Model S and Model X. They are truly amazing, beautiful, reliable, and safe. The best investment we have made yet.