Delivery Options

Delivery Options

Delivery with Tesla is like no other experience, with a variety of options available to you depending on your location. With our large center touchscreen interfaces, you can learn your car’s features and functions by watching the video tutorials from the driver’s seat, or ask a Tesla Advisor during delivery for additional information.

Your Tesla Advisor will schedule one of the following options for you once you’re ready to take delivery, and will work to accommodate any preferences you have.

Express Delivery
Arrive at your scheduled delivery location and, after check-in, be routed to your new car by our local team, or via the Tesla app’s location tracking tool. All required documents will be waiting inside the car with highlights indicating where to sign. When you’re ready to get on the road, simply pass your documents to the advisor at the exit for review, and we’ll mount a temporary tag and license plate.

Explore the exciting features of your vehicle at your own pace via the in-car Tesla Tutorials and Owner’s Manual on your car’s center touchscreen. All tutorials can also be accessed from the settings menu in the Tesla app. Express Delivery is now available at all our Tesla delivery centers. Some markets may vary based on specific signatory requirements.

Additional Delivery Options

The below option is also available to eligible Tesla customers. Please contact your delivery center for additional information. In general, Tesla will pre-select the best option for your location and vehicle type.

Carrier Direct
This option is available for customers who live more than 360 km from a Tesla location and are eligible for a carrier to bring their vehicle to their delivery address. Please note that this delivery option is only available for new titled vehicles. Used vehicles are not eligible for a carrier-direct delivery.