Final Payment

Once you have finalized your payment and trade-in preferences, an itemized breakdown of options, taxes and registration fees will be available for you to view in the "My Documents" section of your Tesla Account. Keep in mind that regardless of how close or far away you live from the Tesla Factory, all North American customers pay the same Delivery and Documentation Fee. Once these documents are generated, a payment module will appear in your profile to allow you to submit your final payment.

You may pay the balance due via electronic bank account debit or wire transfer prior to taking delivery. To access the payment module, sign in to your Tesla Account, and press on the button “Make a Payment.” You can select “Electronic Bank Account Debit” and then enter your information for Tesla to debit the balance from your bank account. Otherwise, you may choose “Wire Transfer” and we will generate instructions in your Tesla Account on how to wire the balance to us.

Alternate payment methods include a certified check or a check from a financing bank or credit union made at the time of delivery. Please make your check out to “Tesla Motors, Inc.” Credit cards are not accepted for final payment. Any balance due must be paid in full before you can take delivery of your vehicle.

Depending on your registration state, Tesla may not be able to collect sales tax and registration fees on your behalf. Your Delivery Experience Specialist will notify you if this applies to you. In this case, your vehicle will be considered an out-of-state purchase and you’ll be responsible for paying sales tax and registration fees directly to your state’s department of motor vehicles. These out-of-state purchases also require that final payment for your vehicle be made prior to your delivery appointment.

If you have any questions about your final payment, contact the Delivery Experience team at (888) 771-2505.