How ordering works

Ordering Model S is just like any buying experience on the Internet. Simply choose your options, enter your contact information, and specify when you want the car to arrive. Your Model S will be custom built at our factory in California and delivered to your nearest service center for pickup. If one of our service centers isn't conveniently close, we will deliver it directly to your home or business location anywhere in the United States.

The ordering process begins in our Design Studio where you customize the appearance of your Model S and choose your options. The price and estimated delivery date will change depending on which options are selected. When done, click the order button to continue.

Completing your Model S order requires your contact information and a $2,500 deposit. Choose a preferred delivery date if you are currently leasing a car and wish to coordinate the turn in date with your Model S delivery.

To ensure a fast and smooth delivery, please validate your DMV registration and delivery preferences in My Tesla after you place your order. This ensures that we know in advance where to ship your Model S for pickup and how to prepare your registration paperwork.

A delivery experience specialist will contact you once your order is confirmed to answer any questions you may have about financing, trading in your current car, or installing home charging equipment.