Electric Vehicle Incentives

The following incentives are available by jurisdiction. Customers should confirm their own eligibility and be aware that government programs are subject to funding limitations and eligibility criteria may change at any time, including during the period between placing your order and taking delivery of your vehicle.

Incentives Available Today

Federal Incentives
  • For individuals & businesses: Up to $5,000 for purchases or leases on eligible: 
    • Cars with an MSRP* under $55,000. Higher priced trims of these vehicles, up to a maximum MSRP of $65,000, may also be eligible for purchase incentives;
    • Station Wagon, SUV, Trucks with an MSRP under $60,000. Higher priced trims of these vehicles, up to a maximum MSRP of $70,000, may also be eligible for purchase incentives.
  • Vehicles are still eligible for the incentive even if delivery, freight and other fees (like vehicle colour, add-on accessories, and other options) push the actual purchase price over the set “MSRP” limits, so long as the vehicle (year, make, model and variant) appears on the federal government’s list of eligible vehicles.
  • Individuals are eligible for one incentive under this Program in a calendar year. Businesses and provincial/territorial and municipal governments operating fleets are eligible for up to 10 incentives under this Program in a calendar year.
  • Vehicles delivered to customers prior to being published to the list of eligible vehicles do not qualify for incentives.
  • For businesses: If not participating in the iZEV incentive, the enhanced capital cost allowances (CCAs) enables a higher deduction in the year that an electric vehicle is put on the road (up to 75% of $61,000, for vehicles acquired between January 1, 2024 and December 31, 2025).
    • Consult the Canada Revenue Agency or a financial professional for more details and to learn if the electric vehicle provisions established for CCA Classes 54 and 55 could support your business.
Provincial Incentives

View available incentives by province:

*Federal definition of MSRP
The “MSRP” (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) shown on this page is based on the definition established by Transport Canada for the purposes of the iZEV federal EV incentive program. This definition is generally also adopted by provinces for provincial programs. Per the federal government’s definition, the price used to qualify vehicles for incentives excludes delivery-related and other fees that may be included in our online store pricing, as required by provincial regulators. In some provinces, regulations prohibit the listing of the MSRP in Tesla’s online configurator or by store personnel who are obliged to communicate an all-in delivery price. The following is Tesla’s pricing prior to applying these delivery fees and charges, including the Federal Luxury Tax. As such, pricing may differ from amounts shown in our online store; click the 'Online' link next to each price to view all-in pricing:

Model and Trim MSRP* Order
Model 3 RWD Import $49,990 Online
Model 3 RWD $49,990 Online
Model 3 Long Range AWD Import $59,990 Online
Model 3 Long Range AWD $59,990 Online
Model 3 Performance $69,990 Online
Model Y RWD $53,990 Online
Model Y Long Range AWD $63,990 Online
Model Y Performance $68,990 Online
Model S $103,990 Online
Model S Plaid $124,990 Online
Model X $110,990 Online
Model X Plaid $131,990 Online