Preconditioning in Cold Weather

Improve efficiency and performance in cold weather by preconditioning your car before you drive.


Just tap “Climate” in the Tesla app and set your desired interior temperature. Your cabin will maintain that temperature as long as your battery is above 20%. The following features will automatically turn on for your convenience:

In cool temperatures -
Front seat heaters and any equipped cold weather features
Front and rear defrosters

In near-freezing temperatures -
Battery heating, which improves the following functions:

  • Stronger regenerative braking
  • Faster charge times
  • More powerful acceleration

When you return to the car, your climate settings will revert to your last driving preferences and your battery will continue to warm up as you drive.


For added convenience, enable Smart Preconditioning from your Model S or Model X touchscreen. Your car will start to learn your daily driving routine and automatically precondition before you get in. Smart Preconditioning also heats your battery, seats, and cold weather features as needed.


You can precondition your Tesla anytime, anywhere—even in garages and other closed spaces. Here are a few best practices for improving your car’s performance in cold weather:

  • Precondition your car for approximately one hour to heat your battery before you plan to drive, especially in near freezing temperatures
  • Charge your car while preconditioning to reduce the amount of energy loss from your battery pack
  • Turn off Range Mode to avoid limiting the power available to precondition your car—even when charging

Setting a higher cabin temperature on the mobile app will not precondition your battery faster. Also, enabling “Max Battery Power” in performance cars will not precondition the car any faster, but will increase the maximum temperature your battery will operate at.