Get to know our privacy practices, how we collect and process data, and your choices about how information is used, in a format that is easy to read and navigate.

To Share or Not to Share,
You are in the Driver’s Seat 

Tesla puts you in control over what vehicle data you share. Enable or disable data sharing from your car's touchscreen to decide and adjust your preferences at any time.

Your Tesla Goes Places — 
Your Data Does Not 

We do not sell or rent your personal data to anyone for any purpose, period. Unless you consent to it when necessary to perform services on your behalf - your data stays with you. 

Your Location History, 
is History 

Where you go says a lot about you. Unless there is a serious safety concern, Tesla doesn't associate your location with your account, or keep a history of where you've been.


Review the terms of your agreement with Tesla in the use of our products, software, and services. 

Payment Terms

These terms ensure a consistent experience and provide transparent information describing how your data is collected, handled and stored when paying for Tesla goods or services.

Supercharger Fair Use Policy

For a convenient and consistent experience across Supercharger locations worldwide, this policy describes the intended and fair uses when charging your Tesla.

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