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Model S and Model X Live at Santana Row

Last weekend Tesla brought Model X to Santana Row for the first time, giving hundreds of visitors an opportunity to see Tesla's newest car in person. Throughout the weekend, Tesla Santana Row was packed with onlookers eager to see the functional and stylish Falcon Wing doors in action.

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I Fell in Love with the Tesla Roadster, the Very One Driven by Jeremy Clarkson

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Model S Update: Pricing and Options

We’re 10 days away from 2012. Around the office, we’re calling it The Year of Model S.

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Going Electric in Texas

With more than 1,800 Roadsters circling the globe, and at least one in almost every state of the union, the Tesla fanbase that seems to surprise most people is Texas. Home to the oil industry and criss-crossed with long empty stretches of highway, it doesn’t seem like an automatic fit for electric cars. But the dozens of Tesla owners who live there beg to differ -- and will prove it to you if they need to.

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Revealing Model S Beta

Tesla recently unveiled the Model S Beta and opened the Tesla Factory to about 3,000 reservation holders and guests. Closely approximating the fit, finish and performance of the production Model S coming out next year, the Betas showed off the vehicle’s special features, from the 17” touchscreen to the massive panoramic roof to the voice-command audio system and more. 

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Circling Hong Kong on One Charge

Any Tesla owner will tell you there are a few questions they are commonly asked about the Roadster. If someone is unfamiliar with Tesla, the first question is sure to be: “how fast does it go?” The Roadster just looks fast. I typically end my answer with: “and it’s electric!” Shocked, their response is almost always: “wow, but how far does it go?”

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On the Road (together) in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, often described as the "Pearl of the Orient," is an incredibly vibrant Chinese city with British characteristics: the rule of Common Law, one of the world’s finest police forces, a free economy, world-renowned financial institutions and well-educated, entrepreneurial people. When you think of Hong Kong, you likely imagine a glitzy city with modern skyscrapers set on the shores of one of the world’s finest natural ports, Victoria Harbour.

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Report from Japan: Through the Eyes of a Tesla Owner

Takao Ozawa, Japan’s first Roadster owner, is a serial entrepreneur. A board member of Civic Force, a non-profit disaster response organization in Japan, below he reports on his experiences since the the earthquake and Civic Force's efforts to help victims of the disasters. In support of their efforts, Tesla Motors has donated $100,000 to Civic Force. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Japan.

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Through the Chunnel and beyond

We’ve been driving our Tesla in Belgium for more than six months and have racked up nearly 20,000 kms. Every working day I drive it to my job and to my business appointments – no problems whatsoever. It’s perfect for our daily use in and around our home in Ghent. But we were curious to know whether it could “go the distance,” so to speak, and serve as a road trip car.


A very special Roadster owner buys a very special second car



Almost four years ago, while I was surfing the web, I discovered a relatively unknown startup company with the keen aim to build a fully electric sports car.   I loved that idea from the first second. When I read the key figures I was totally convinced.

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