Electrified World Record Tour: Tarifa - Nordkapp

4 TESLA Model S, 12 drivers, 12 countries, 14 days, 14.000 km

Applied for the Guinness Book Of Records, the team intends to set up a new official world record for electric driving Cross Europe from Tarifa in southern Spain to the Nordkapp in northern Norway.

The teams drive 100 % electric at nearly no energy cost from Starnberg south of Munich via Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Italy, France, Monaco to Spain. This part of the tour is around 2.600 km long. The start is on August 04th 2015 at 0900 am. The teams plan to reach Tarifa on August 05th 2015 at night.

After a day of preparation, the Guin–vel 96 hours and up to 6.600 km. The route is planned according to the TESLA Supercharger infrastructure, wihich is established from northern Spain up to northern Norway. These Superchargers are fast, clean and free of charge. With distances up to far more than 400 km between the charging stops, the TESLA Model S with its range of up to 528 km is the only car being able to handle this.

With a total charging time of less than 22 hours, the teams attempt for the Guiness World Record. With a travel time of less than 96 hours, the teams intend to set up a new world record for the shortest traveling time in an all electric car cross Europe.

The final leg from Nordkapp back to Starnberg takes the teams over the entire western coast of Norway, passing Trondheim, Kristiansund, Bergen, Oslo and then continue via Copenhagen and Hamburg to the finish line in Starnberg in southern Germany. The teams are expected to come back to the starting point on August 17th 2015 at 0600pm after having driven more than 14.000 km in 14 days. Of these, about a third have been driven on country roads.

Follow us live via facebook.com/teslainmotion and get in touch to meet us along the way.

About the car

The Tesla Model S is the only all electric car with which you can go on long distance travel. Its powerful engine with more than 300 KW and its big battery capacity of up to 90 KWh in combination with the proprietary Tesla charging infrastructure allowing the driver to charge 300 km distance in 30 minutes free of charge in combination with the full size body with plenty of space for passengers and cargo gives the Model S a unique position in the market.

Meet the teams and the drivers

The four teams with three drivers per Moder S are piloting cars, which are owned by well known electric car drivers or their companies.

TEAM Chargelocator

Rafael de Mestre drives his silver colored Model S P85+ since more than 100.000 km. He operates IT-companies and is responsible for the service CHARGELOCATOR, a European website which has multiple functionalities to service EV-drivers on their way while looking for charging opportunities. He drove round the globe with his Tesla Roadster and participated in multiple Electric car rallies. He is organising the 80edays, a new tour round the globe with numerous teams. Rafael is an organisational and equipment supporter of the tour driving together with his Assistant Tania Soto Ciani and Elena Lavrishsceva.

TEAM TESLA Kilometerkönig

Hansjörg-Eberhard von Gemmingen Hornberg drives his red Model S P85+ since more than 100.000 km as well. But in addition to this he owns the record for the highest mileage of electric cars in private use. His TELSA Roadster Sport has driven 450.000 km. He is a true early adopter and enjoys electric mobility from the heart. Hansjörg is a financial supporter of the tour driving together with his relative Ingolf Hany and Florian Knoll.


Eberhard Mayer drives his signature Model S P85+ since more than 170.000 km and is the Model S owner with the highest mileage in Germany and possibly Europe. He owns a Tesla Roadster as well, which has 166.000 km driven. Eberhard is the heads of the german TESLA drivers association and supports the tour with equipment driving with Fabian Becker and Michael Düring, the president of mdm-Medien, the company that organises the complete media background including website, blog, pictures, audio and video.


Michael Willberg drives a red Model S 85D, which is brand new and the only all wheel driven Model S on this tour. He previously drove a Model S P85 for 75.000 km. Michael ist CEO of ULTRASONE AG, THE headphone company, located close to Munich. He had the idea for this tour and owns the world record on long distance driving with his team by driving more than 4.000 km in just 48 hours through 10 countries of Europe. Michael and ULTRASONE support the tour on a financial an organisational base, he is driving togehter with Frank Mischkowski from rtfm public relations, responsible for all press work and blogging during the tour and Martin Wrobel from Corporate Wear Germany, who donated the entire clothing for the whole teams.

Further supportes and sponsors are Druckerei Molnar from Tutzing supplying all decals for the cars and Tesla Germany supporting the teams with technical equipment.

Why do we do the ELECTRIFIED WORLD RECORD tour?

The intention of the tour is to show everybody the possibilities of traveling with all electric cars by today already. We want to communicate with people on our stops during the tour. We want to improve the understanding of people for this new and better way of mobility. We want to explain how electric mobility works and want to reduce the misunderstandings and missing information on electric mobility. We want to move forward in electric mobility.

More info on: www.electrified.eu.