Scott's Double Bass

To see a Tesla Model S silently rolling by is to see a work of art in motion. To drive one, which in my case was the P85+, is to have an experience analogous to performing on the finest musical instrument. It responds in a very personal way to whatever you could want it to do--including an acceleration and handling you will never forget--and inspires the beholder with a potent expression of beauty, freedom, and astoundingly elegant power. The simplicity, fluidity, cohesion, and functionality of the design, along with the refinement of its execution, all belie what I can only imagine to be a tremendous feat of engineering. And, on top of all of that, it has the huge cargo capacity to make for a truly awesome bass-car! A "bass-car" is any automobile that has the capacity to fit a large double-bass.

Musician Scott Pingel,
Double-bass attr. Domenico Busan, Venice, Italy (c.1740)
Double-bass bow by Eugene Sartory, Paris, France (c.1910)
Hand-made strings by Pirastro, Offenbach, Germany (2013)
Automobile by Tesla Motors, Fremont, USA (2013)


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