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Advancing Automotive Service

Over-the-air updates help to improve your Tesla over time, while remote diagnostics and the support of our Mobile Service technicians reduce your need to ever visit a Service Center. In the rare case that your car requires a shop visit, service will be quick and seamless—and likely be complete before you finish your coffee.

Cars that Virtually Maintain Themselves

Our Service Centers are continuously connected to our headquarters, allowing our technicians and engineers to work together to identify and resolve issues in real time. Within hours, we can make updates across our entire customer fleet. We are also developing new ways for your Tesla to self-improve. The result is a car that is constantly evolving and improving, allowing you to stay out of the shop and on the road.

Over-the-air Updates

Vehicle improvements through over-the-air software updates keep Tesla Service Center visits to a minimum.

Remote Diagnostics

90% of the time we can remotely diagnose an issue and what is needed to repair it.


SmartAlerts will communicate what your car needs. It can walk you through a simple fix or connect you to our service team.

Mobile Service

Our objective is that you enjoy every minute with your Tesla, and will not have to worry about anything else. If your service need can be met by a mobile technician, we will offer our Mobile Service option at no charge, based on availability. Our growing Mobile Service coverage means that in most instances we can come to you when and where you need it.


of repairs can be done
outside of a Service Center

Quick and Seamless Service

Should we not be able to come to you via Mobile Service, please visit one of our Service Centers. With remote diagnostics and automatic check-in, we can pre-diagnose repairs and order parts before you even arrive. Simplified engineering means that most service does not require lifts. Our cars can usually be repaired right on the floor, saving you time.

Easy Appointments

Appointments Made Easy

You can schedule, change or cancel a service appointment anytime at your nearest Service Center.


Automatic Check-in

Register in a minute or less, so you can be on your way.


Optimized Repair Flow

4x faster with 3x less space than conventional repair shops.

Convenient Services

Convenient Services

We offer a variety of transport options to provide our customers with the most convenient service possible.