Home Charging

The most convenient place to charge your Tesla is at home, overnight. Plug in when you get home and let your car charge while you sleep. You no longer need to take trips to the pump with a gas-powered vehicle, and you can utilise low overnight utility pricing during off-peak hours, saving both time and money.

Home Charging Options

We recommend a Wall Connector as the most dynamic home charging solution. However, there are a variety of options to suit your lifestyle and driving needs.

Hardware Purchase
Benefits Vehicle Charging Speed
Wall Connector
black checkmark iconRecommendedTesla wall connector

To purchase a Wall Connector, visit the nearest Service Center.

Fastest charging option for home

Allows you to keep mobile connector in your car

Over-the-air updates

Power sharing

Charging speeds vary by vehicle

Mobile Connector
Tesla wall connector
*Comes with vehicle
Easy charging solution for customers who don’t drive much Maximum charging power is determined by the adapter

Installation Process


We recommend installing your home charging equipment prior to taking delivery of your vehicle. Most installations will take a few hours, but finding and scheduling an electrician can take up to two weeks.

Follow these steps to successfully install home charging equipment in your home:

  • Find an Electrician
    Enter your postal code in the Find an Electrician tool to locate an installer in your area.

  • Request a Quote
    After you've found electricians nearby, contact them directly and describe the installation work you need completed. Many electricians now offer quotes online and by email, making it easy to obtain multiple quotes.

  • Order Your Equipment
    Once you have a quote from an electrician, order your home charging equipment from the nearest Service Center.

  • Schedule Your Installation
    Forward your Order Shipment Confirmation email to your chosen electrician and schedule your installation date directly.

Installation Resources

Your electrician can visit the Wall Connector Support page for further information on how to install a Wall Connector.

Installation manuals and troubleshooting information for Tesla charging products can also be found on the Charging and Adapter Product Guides page.

Additional Resources

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