Customer Stories

The Car that renewed my Love of Cars

Over the years I have had some pretty decent cars but, post-recession, you rather look at life a little differently and see cars for what they are – a depreciating and costly lump of metal. My last car was a very competent Jaguar XF which was hard to fault – quiet, comfortable, reliable and economical. When it was time for a change, everything on the market left me unexcited. I’ve always maintained that cars are an impulse purchase and you almost know by the first roundabout whether the car has your name on.

I was actually starting to believe that, to my wife’s delight, I’d actually grown up and realised that cars really didn’t matter. Then, an old friend told me how he was now driving a Tesla and that it was ‘the best car he’d ever owned!’. In my mind, this was a little 2 seater sports car and therefore was of absolutely no interest to me. He corrected me, forcefully, and so I googled the car and saw what they were.

How the hell do I buy one and when will it get here?

A week later I was travelling down to Heathrow for a test drive. Within half a mile, I pulled over and asked the excellent salesman, Mo, ‘how the hell do I buy one and when will it get here?’ We completed the test drive and the order was placed, there and then. I was so excited. It took me back to how I used to feel about cars.

So, how has it been? It has been utterly awesome and I look forward to driving now almost as much as I did when I first passed my test a long time ago. The car is wonderfully responsive and just so much fun. It’s great to take other people out in it and everyone, without exception, ends up grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

I love practical cars that can carry the 5 of us and all our luggage. When one of my daughters moved house, the car performed like no other in terms of storage and space. During the limited snow last year, the car behaved like an AWD even though it's very definitely only RWD. When our beloved labradoodle was taken very ill, the Tesla performed its duties as an emergency pet ambulance superbly and, although sadly my dog didn’t make it, the car soon whisked us to Skegness to pick up a new addition to the family. We covered 220 miles with 20% of the battery still remaining.

I have never received service like this.

The service I have received from Birmingham has been absolutely outstanding with nothing being too much trouble. One night I had a loan car and opened the trunk to discover that the cables weren’t there. I texted Laura at the Birmingham service centre, within minutes, she replied ‘would you like me to bring you a cable but … have you looked in the frunk?’ I did and it was indeed there. But this demonstrates the extraordinary lengths Tesla go to in looking after their customers. I have never received service like this in any of my previous car purchases.

I will never go back to a non-electric car and, according to my wife I’ve become ‘a right Tesla bore’ but I can’t help it. Whenever you stop to charge, someone inevitably comes and asks you all about it and so you cannot help but show them around – the best line being ‘would you like to see the engine?’

And then, to top it all, I have just signed off this year’s Company accounts and it was very satisfying to see my corporation tax liability reduced by this 67K purchase.

I absolutely love this car and will get a P85D next but will ensure I have a sunroof next time as that is my only regret.

I’d always changed my car every 12-24 month and I’d always bought new. Utterly ludicrous I know but I always felt it was worth it. I have also covered 10,500 miles which is more than I have ever done in a new car and I’ve never written a testimonial like this as normally, by 10 months, I’m already fed up. Not this time – Model S is the greatest car I have ever owned!!