Model 3 vs. Model S vs. Dreamliner

I have always enjoyed high performance cars but have become increasingly concerned about their effect on the environment. When the BMW i3 was announced, I ordered one immediately, but whilst the performance is great, I had to compromise on the range..

My other car was a high-powered BMW diesel, which I thought was good for the environment when I got it. How wrong that turned out to be. I also calculated that I was spending approximately £1700 a year on diesel alone. I therefore looked to end the lease at the earliest opportunity.

Model 3 vs. Model S

I placed a reservation on the Model 3 as soon as it launched, knowing that RHD production was still a while away and although I was familiar with the Model S, I had always assumed that it was beyond my price range. I always lease my cars so effectively depreciation is all you pay.

Although we were fairly confident that Model S was not financially viable for us, in November 2017 I persuaded my wife to visit our local store in Cambridge with me to take a look at a Model S. We loved the look and feel of it and after a test drive; we were both completely blown away. But could we afford it? To our surprise and delight, the answer was yes!

The high residual value made it much cheaper than I expected. We initially ordered a new factory build 75D with 12-week lead-time. I then checked the inventory page on the Tesla website daily in case a pre-configured or Used car close to our spec became available. Within a week a Model S 100D with my spec with rear facing seats appeared.

With the PCP option, the inventory car became irresistible. We took delivery of our new Model S a week later! We also benefitted from unlimited Supercharging which was an added bonus. We have truly stunning performance, no compromise on range and free fuel! We have since had three referrals under the Tesla scheme, the first of which is the radio flyer Model S- a big hit with our Granddaughters as you can see. They also love the rear facing seats in the big one.


Boeing 787 Dreamliner vs. Tesla

One thing I am always being asked about is the Tesla Autopilot - as a commercial pilot for the last 25 years on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner I know all about those! If the autopilot on my aircraft was not working, that would by law forbid me from flying in many parts of the world's airspace but even if it was allowed - it is simply too tiring. I would not attempt a long flight without it. I am already feeling that way about my Tesla’s autopilot! In fact they share many other attributes: both have the best range on the market, both have deceptively roomy interiors, passengers & pilots love them both, they are both incredibly safe, interaction is via touch screens & both look stunning. So which is best? Well the one area where Tesla beats the rest, including the 787, is performance - simply stunning. Moreover, it can be powered by solar energy alone. Gets my vote.

A big thank you to my daughter Helen for her superb photography.

Consider a Model S - I get everything I need and more from mine

I thought I’d have to wait for my Model 3 to become a Tesla owner, turns out I get everything I need and more from a Model S, with more storage space than anything else, utility and performance are far beyond anything I’ve ever owned. I’m so glad we popped into the store that day, if you’re thinking about a Model 3, I recommend you do the same.