Model S: Outstanding space and cheap to run

I never thought I would be able to drive my dream car every single day to run my business.

I own a company that sells and delivers corporate branded cupcakes all over the UK and Europe and was looking to update my delivery vehicle. I looked into getting a van and calculated the costs involved. Given the extensive mileage that I do on a daily basis, range, comfort and space were important factors. All of this led me to explore the feasibility of an EV and purchased my pre-owned Model S last year.

A Breath of Fresh Air

The whole buying experience was brilliant. When I looked at booking a test drive, the sales advisor was very informed and very helpful. I told them I wanted a cheaper car to match my budget and they found me a car that matched both my budget and criteria. You never forget the first time you drive a Tesla. The experience was amazing. As a sales person, customer experience is of utmost importance to me and my purchase experience with Tesla was a breath of fresh air. I was able to take it home a week later.

Saving a Fortune

From a financial perspective, Model S makes the most sense when comparing to other vehicles I was looking into. I purchased my car through my business and given the extensive incentives in EV ownership and other benefits available, I have saved a fortune. I don’t pay road tax, there are no fuel costs involved, I don’t have to pay congestion charge and there are significant tax savings when used as a company car. I calculated that I saved approximately £3500 in contrast to the mini van I used to drive.

I am so lucky because I get to deliver cupcakes to my customers in my dream car and the Tesla has been by far the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned.


The experience of obtaining insurance was the easiest I’ve had so far. Direct Line were very helpful in providing me with all the information I required before I made an informed decision. They didn’t bombard me with a million questions, the insurance policy form was very straightforward, and it seemed it was tailored for an EV / Tesla owner. In fact they were very knowledgeable when it came to Tesla and the Insurance product that was best for me. They also offer 5% discount to Tesla drivers who have the Autopilot option, and I received a further discount because I insured both my Tesla cars which was an added bonus for me! I would give Direct Line 10/10 for ease of buying and value for money.

Charging? No Worries!

Driving an electric car in no way restricts the thousands of miles that I have to drive. Charging my car is a breeze. I simply plug in overnight and leave home with a full charge and I use charging facilities to top up where I need to on long distance journeys.

My Model S is not only a great company car, but also a great all-rounder. I have taken a couple of longer trips using my Model S driven to Sicily and Lisbon using both Tesla Superchargers and Destination chargers along the way. Charging is not something I think about anymore.

Software and Space

Apart from the corporate benefits associated with my dream car, there are many other features that I just love. My Model S is so advanced; it continually receives software updates to get better over time that puts other manufacturers to shame. It is amazing how someone like me with an older car gets the same updates as someone who has recently received a car. The entertainment alone is so advanced. I love the new interface especially Spotify.


My favourite feature of the car is Autopilot that on many occasions alerts me of possible danger and on a couple of occasions, it has outright prevented me from getting into a crash. I have personally driven nearly 200k miles in my Model S to which 90% is on autopilot, I feel significantly less tired and more alert when driving the Tesla.


The space in Model S is also outstanding; there is more than enough storage for me to take family trips abroad. Customers are usually astonished when I open the frunk and take out 300 cupcakes and in case you were wondering, I can fit 3000 cupcakes in my Model S – boot and frunk. They are normally shocked when I turn up with a Tesla and are even more confused when I tell them that this car is cheaper to run than my old Mercedes Van.

Model S is my dream car and I get to drive it, every single day, all over the country without feeling guilty. Now my friends want to buy one too.