Model S transformed my daily commute

Driving the superb, sumptuous and sophisticated Model S 85 to work each day, makes my morning run so much smoother.

Stepping outside into the cold on the winter mornings are so much more bearable knowing that I have pre-warmed the vehicle on my phone whilst making my morning cup of tea.

I no longer worry about stopping at the petrol station and waiting for the two cars in front of me to fill up, do what seems to be their yearly shop and then load up their car. Instead, I can charge the Model S at a Tesla Charger, and by the time I have had a coffee or a quick bite to eat, my car has enough charge for me to continue my journey.

Not only does the Tesla change my whole driving experience, it is also a very cost effective and an environmentally friendly supercar. Our buildings at work are smothered in solar panels and we have designated Tesla charging spaces so I can charge as necessary throughout the day so it’s ready for my journey home.

And it's not just me that gets to experience the amazing Model S on a daily basis, our company cars are all Teslas as well. At 6pm when our office leaves for the day, it seems like the whole of the Medway City Estate is gazing in awe...and rightly so too!

We loved the car so much that our company decided to buy the largest fleet of Teslas available to hire here in the UK.

It's not just the perks of driving a supercar, it’s also very cheap to run. Some people think we are mad having Teslas as our company cars, but really it makes sense when you calculate the savings on a daily basis. When I drive into London, I take advantage of the free on-street parking in Westminster, no congestion fee and our free solar charging mean that the savings really do add up.

Driving a Tesla creates a bold image when meeting clients and being safe in the knowledge that I drive a sustainable car, plus feel like I have taken positive steps towards mitigating London's pollution crisis.

With the ever increasing Tesla Superchargers popping up across the country, long distance driving has become less of a chore and a lot more leisurely. Tesla seems to have not only provided an amazing vehicle but also transformed a way of driving.

Celia Kelly - EVision Supercars