Customer Stories

Style and substance all in one

I needed a luxury car that would work as a work horse and that looked the part to uphold my luxury image for my London based interior design company. It also needed to be a car that had enough space to fit and deliver boxes as well as something that could entertain my clients in style. The market is very restricted for a car that can offer these basic requirements, and as I say, the luxury element was a must. I visited a luxury lifestyle show and my eldest son pointed out the Model S which was on display. I must admit, the minute I sat inside, I loved it. I chose the car first for its looks, comfort and five seats. The whole electric thing came afterwards.

Then I learnt about the cost savings associated with owning a Tesla as a company director which meant I qualified for tax incentives with write-down allowances for 4 years being given in year 1. Then there is no London congestion charge, parking costs are almost nonexistent currently. No car vehicle tax and I can park in Central London in charging slots in some super prime positions for almost nothing when registered with other EV charging companies.

I travel to London and back for work which is a 240 mile round trip. It costs me nothing in fuel unlike the old days with my diesel/petrol cars. Overall, the running costs for my Tesla are a no brainer.

I can’t help myself on the local drag strip for a bit of fun. The only cars that can beat my time are the hot rods with fire coming out of the back!

I also love the Destination chargers I use when I am off the beaten track and needing to go across country for a night stop over. They are mostly installed at beautiful hotels, so now I always book a room at a hotel that has a Destination charger installed. I found some super places I wouldn't have considered before.

Buying a Tesla and meeting other owners always makes me feel like we all know something that others don’t! It’s a topic of conversation and we feel we are all on the same page enjoying our amazing cars and saving the planet at the same time.

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