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Tesla cars are not the future, they should be everyone's present

I’ve always been into cars, from Flat 6’s to V8’s I’ve had a few. My background is in IT and when I heard about what the Tesla Model S offered, I knew it was something I needed!

The time was right when we were looking to replace the family diesel saloon and our company was in a position to do so. After delivery of our first Model S, it sounds clichéd but your perception of how cars are now and how cars should be changes immediately.


Anyone who experiences the car is blown away with the technology, silence and awesome speed! Seriously, get ready to redefine what you know as a fast car!


Range isn’t a problem as it’s charged at home every night like your phone and has around 240 miles (on an 80% charge depending on the Model).

Yep that’s right, no more standing around filling up with toxic liquids and then paying whatever price the oil company’s demand!

We’ve yet to do our long European trip utilising the Supercharger network but it’s good to know it’s there and expanding.

The 8 new Supercharger bays at Heathrow were useful for a recent trip to the beach, completely removing any thought of “range anxiety”.


Some people compare the car to a smartphone on wheels and in many ways it’s fair. With its big touchscreen display replacing the myriad of buttons from the old fashioned cars, anyone familiar with an iPad will get to grips with it straightaway.

The car also just gets better and better with time. New software updates are dropped and installed while you sleep, improving range, performance, interfaces and fixing bugs. From extra graphic equalizer settings on the audio to an interface revamp where all the screens and icons were modernised.


With its fold out back seats and the “frunk” the Model S is big enough to swallow up the family and the 4 children’s paraphernalia even a Tuba!

Financial benefits

There’s also the benefit of the tax savings,

Finally, the running costs are just comical, who would have thought you can have such a powerful car and run it for so little? Insurance costs are reasonable for a car of this value because of the standard safety / collision avoidance systems and the fact that most knowledgeable insurers recognise the Tesla’s onboard GPS computers as a tracking device.

Depending on the cost of your electricity it’s around £7 for a full charge… Talk about having your cake and eating it!

Tesla cars are not the future, they should be everyone’s present. It’s just that everything else is now in the past!

Next on the list…. Figuring out a way to change our dirty minivan for a 7 seat Model X!