Traveling in style with my Model S

Plan a test drive Zero emissions. Zero Compromises.

Driving Model S is a delightfully unique experience. Since taking delivery in November 2015, traveling to my destination is now part of the holiday.

I’ve completed a whopping 11K miles within the UK and across the continent in 6 months. So far I have driven my car from Wiltshire to the Rhone Alps, Barcelona, Manchester and Spalding, along with numerous trips in and out of the London, congestion charge free and with zero emissions.

My ideal car is fast, safe, sure footed, comfortable and has AWD; a car that let’s me enjoy traveling the distance. With Model S, I have driven through deep snow, ice, heavy rain, high winds and on steep winding mountain roads, motorways, and English and French country lanes.

Charging along the way

Charging is super easy, with the Tesla Superchargers and Destination Chargers located throughout the UK and Europe as well as being able to use public chargers too. I am able to travel to my favourite destinations and beyond, and never fear that I am unable to reach my destination.

I leave home with a full charge and top up at the Channel Tunnel while waiting for the train and provides the perfect time to enjoy a buffet breakfast at Challon en Champange, or Senlise and then Auxiere for lunch followed by dinner at Macon or Lyon.

Model S is ready to go when I am

The availability of quality food and service means no time is wasted waiting for a charge and the car is good to go by the time I am. When I reach the Alps, I am fuelled up and all set to hit the slopes and when I’m ready to head back home I can easily Supercharge before I set off.

It's great to visit friends and family in the UK too and with the ample luggage space and full sized comfortable back seats (middle passenger has no issue with cramped foot space). It's no longer a pain to be the smallest child or Malcolm in the middle. Also if I don't want to stop on route for charging, my main destinations have 7kw chargers so I get enough of a top up not to need more.

A dream to own

There’s no chance of me wanting to swap to any other vehicle. As an energetic retired person this luxury saloon with the performance of a sports car and extremely low running costs is a dream to own. Plus, my passengers have yet to decline an invitation to join me on trips and experience the convenience and luxury of Model S, it undeniably provides a more enlightened way to travel.